New Talks and New Public Speakers

This is where Speaker Finders/Booking Secretaries who are familiar with the website will quickly be able to find speakers who are possibly new to the website since your last visit and also new talks by existing speakers.  So if you use this website regularly, you’ll be able to quickly ascertain if one of your group’s favourite speakers has created another talk, or whether we have a new speaker who covers your area.

New Talks by Existing Speakers on the Public Speakers Corner Website

Help Our Hedgehogs

Our poor hedgehogs are in decline. In this talk I share lots of information about these little mammals and their habitat, reasons for their decline and how we can all help them.

I can provide my own AV equipment if necessary. I’m happy to deliver this talk via zoom if required.

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Public Speaker in Surrey Louise Camby

Louise Camby

Tadworth, Surrey

Grape Expectations - Sparkling Wines

In this talk I share how wine originated, a potted history, how the bubbles are formed, where sparkling wine fountains originate, why the different glass shapes and the tasting techniques? It comes with tasting if you would like to taste two different sparkling wine options.

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Public Speaker in Surrey Louise Camby

Louise Camby

Tadworth, Surrey

Tax Care and The New Guy

Estate Planning may not be as fun to think about as booking a trip or checking out a restaurant review, but without it, could you imagine losing everything you worked so hard for? Silvertime Legal is here to offer an informative group community talk. The talk we would like to deliver is called Tax, Care and The New Guy.

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Sam Passi


"Toxic Projects"

After Grenfell, just about all of us know now what a "Toxic Project" is. Whether it's a building, a film, a play or a book, it's the project destined to fail due to incompetence, inadequate funding, dishonesty, ruthlessness, an impossible programme, lack of experience and corruption.

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Julian Richard Le Good

Portsmouth, Hampshire

The Battle of Agincourt

The Battle of Agincourt in 1415 was the third and last of the three great English victories in the Hundred Years War. It was a victory achieved against fearful odds by King Henry V and a small army, trapped, weakened by fatigue and hunger, and facing almost certain death in the face of overwhelming numbers.

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James Porter

Sturminster Newton, Dorset

A Right Royal Couple

2022 saw our late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee; 70 years on the throne before her death on 8 September 2022 following her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, having died 2 years earlier on 9 April 2021.

We have seen lots of footage of them both over the last 2 years in the media, but our talk looks at lesser known facts about them with humorous stories that we have witnessed at different events.

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Mick Byrne

Tamworth, Staffordshire

Travels with my (great-great) aunt

This new talk (available for late 2023 onwards) explores the holidays of our ancestors – climbing pyramids, sliding down glaciers, cruising the Med… Illustrated with postcards sent home from holidays, just how far did our ancestors travel for their holidays?

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Helen Baggott

Blandford Forum, Dorset

Bisons and Custer

Yellowstone National Park (the world’s first official national park).
• The dangerous pastime of “Hot Potting” in volcanic geysers
• How to survive a Black Bear attack: Hint: Don’t “play dead”
• How not to order your steak on a wild west BBQ
• The world’s largest stone carving
• How many bison are left in the USA?
• “Custer’s Last Stand” (the Battle of the Little Big Horn) the intriguing link between the famous massacre and a Sussex
• All this, plus a brief Wild West movie theme tune quiz……

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Neil Sadler

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

The war that no one wanted: the origins of the First World War

This talk/course outlines the international developments that resulted in the First World War. It will cover the unification of both Italy and Germany, the domestic situations in the great powers and key European players, the impact of empire-building and the situation in the Balkans. The intricacies of international relations in the period are outlined to provide an understanding of why Europe was plunged into such a devastating war. Weaving these considerations together, it will put the First World War in context and explain why a dispute in south-eastern Europe was so quickly transformed into a fight to the death for the Continent’s great empires and powers.

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Public Speaker in Reading Dr Stephen Goss

Dr Stephen Goss

Reading, Berkshire


Radio Caroline was Britain's first offshore commercial radio station which began broadcasting in March 1964. During this presentation you will experience how and why the station evolved. Listen to the original broadcasts and enjoy unique photos of the ship, the D.J's and hear the original jingles which heralded the 'sound of the nation' in the 60's offshore radio boom!

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Public Speaker in Wales Brian Cullen

Brian Cullen

Mold, North Wales.

Operation Husky – The Invasion of Sicily

Operation Husky was the codename for the Allied Invasion of Sicily with landings taking place in July 1943. General Patton
commanded the US Seventh Arm and General Montgomery the British army. Despite the terrain favouring the defenders, the
campaign took just 39 days although the Allies failed to prevent the Axis evacuation across the Messina Strait.

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David Bickerton

Waterlooville, Hampshire

Magnificent Women and Flying Machines

Sally's talk is about her latest book, Magnificent Women and Flying Machines, published by The History Press.. The book covers the first 200 years of British women in flight, telling the personal stories of the amazing women who were real pioneers in all forms of aviation, from ballooning, parachuting, gliding, airships and fixed wing flight right up to the story of Britain's first ever woman in space. Sally's talk gives an entertaining insight into the lives of these amazing women. Some of the stories are poignant, such as the story of Britain's first ever female parachutist who was brought up in a Victorian workhouse; some are very entertaining, such as Britain's first ever balloon pilot who had almost more crashes than successful flights and the two Lady Mary's, who were flying biplanes across Africa in the 1920s which ended up in sarcastic rivalry when they met in Khartoum.

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Public Speaker in Somerset, Sally Smith presents her talks

Sally Smith

Somerton, Somerset

Disaster at Isandlwana 1879

On the same day as the Battle of Rorke's Drift in January 1879, just a few miles away, a force of British regular redcoats plus native colonial troops was surrounded and destroyed by a massive Zulu army of 25,000 men. Some 1,500 or more British and colonial soldiers and ancillaries were killed, with few survivors. The disaster came as a complete shock to an Army and a Government that had fatally underestimated the military power and organisation of the Zulu. This talk covers the background to the Zulu War, the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides, and the events leading up to and including that fateful day. The talk lasts about an hour, but can easily be shortened or extended.

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James Porter

Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Howzat? The Six Sixes Ball Saga

This whodunnit? – but with a cricket ball instead of a body – begins with a DVD of Garry Sobers’ feat of hitting the historic six sixes off six balls at Swansea in 1968 before going on, via poems and songs, to reveal the amazing fate of the battered ball sold by Christie’s for a staggering £26,400 in 2006.

Despite the world record auction price, all was not as it seemed. That particular ball was never delivered by Malcolm Nash on that memorable day at St Helen’s and I can tell you why. Fact: the ball that was sold was not the ball bowled..

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Grahame Lloyd

Cardiff, Wales

Treading The Wards

Tales from beyond the bedpan! My mother was a strong-willed Irish woman who was determined that I should follow her into Nursing - I wanted to be a Pilot!
Reluctantly, I complied and, as a result, experienced some of the best years of my professional life!

From Carry on Nurse to Oooh Matron, you'll hear about my experiences and adventures in the early 1970s at Bart's Hospital in London.

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Lottie Dale

Lottie Dale

Weston Super Mare, Somerset

COCO CHANEL – Her life, loves and lies

• What name was entered on the birth certificate of Gabrielle Chanel?
• How did she acquire the name Coco?
• Who described her singing voice as that of a crow?
• Who was the true love of Coco? Did they marry?
• Why was one of Coco’s lovers deported from Russia?
• How many ingredients are there in the fragrance Chanel No.5?
• How did a famous Hollywood actor decorate his garden to welcome Coco?
• Why did Coco have to alter the costumes of Gloria Swanson?
• Who was rumoured to have had a hand in her release from prison?
• What was Coco’s response when asked if she consorted with a German Officer?

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Steve Herra

Southampton, Hampshire

Flying Past - A History of Aviation in Kent

Maybe surprisingly, Kent has been at the forefront of aviation since the 1880’s. This talk will explore the history of balloons, airships and aircraft in the county. It includes information about Kentish airfields past and present and gives suggestions for places of interest which you may like to visit. A new talk for Autumn 2021 offering something for everyone who has an interest in either Kent or aviation

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Public Speaker Guy Bartlett from Maidstone in Kent

Guy Bartlett

Maidstone, Kent

The Falklands Conflict

2022 sees the 40th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict. Our story looks at the reasons why Argentina chose to invade the Falklands in 1982 and all the political wrangling behind the scenes to avert the conflict.
The Falklands War is the last conflict since WW2 to see all the branches of our Armed Forces in action together.

We chart the British Task Force, their victories and losses, the incredible acts of valour by our service personnel including two Victoria Cross recipients.

Concluding with the eventual recovery of the Falklands Islands.

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David Bardell

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

The Pursuit and Sinking of Bismarck

The pursuit and sinking of Bismarck is one of the enduring stories of WW2 which continues to fascinate. More than a hundred British warships were involved in the 5 day, 1,750 mile hunt. The British battlecruiser, HMS Hood was sunk within 10 minutes of engaging the mighty Bismarck which disappeared for more than 24 hours and she was almost within reach of safety before the British won the day.

I was inspired to delve further into this historical event as my father was a crewman aboard HMS Dorsetshire which was involved in the final showdown and I have compiled a 60 minute PowerPoint presentation. A shorter presentation can be offered on request.

It is worth noting that 2021 sees the 80th anniversary of this event.

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David Bickerton

Waterlooville, Hampshire

Horsemanship 4 Humanship

Applying the principles of great horsemanship to our human relationships offers huge insights – for the workplace or at home. The horses’ pure, honest, and in-the-moment feedback acts as our mirror – they have no hidden agenda, they say it like they find us. There is no requirement for any specific equestrian knowledge: crocodile-whispering works just the same! Suitable for specialist training with companies and organisations, or for general interest.

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Lynda Thompson

West Swindon, Wiltshire

Legal Cannabis. The health benefits of CBD and Hemp

CBD, THC, Hemp, Marijuana! You may have heard of one or all of these and might be wondering what the differences are and whether there are any health benefits for you or your family. In my talk I shed some light on it all, why Hemp is a phenomenal plant, how CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, and about the company that single-handedly created the exploding market we are witnessing today.

This talk presents very well with illustrations via a projector and screen. I have the necessary illustrations if a projector and screen can’t be provided. If the venue does not have viewing facilities I can bring laminated A4 size photos to show around during my talk. (21.2)

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Public Speaker in Surrey Louise Camby

Louise Camby

Tadworth, Surrey

Singing My Way to the Stars

Leaving the Black Country to seek my fame and fortune in London during the 'swinging sixties,' I soon learned that fame can be fleeting and fortunes can falter! Choosing a show-biz life was not without its challenges and my talks describe the ups and downs I encountered as a singer as well as the rewards. Overall, I feel my whole life has been enriched by my experiences and I wouldn't change a thing! (20.2)

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Val Wiseman

Twickenham, West London

Obsession, Enterprise and Death: the Industrial Revolution and three men's lives'

Economic success came at a high price for individuals – even those who appeared to profit from it most.

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Dr Frances Hurd

Chichester, West Sussex

From Simon Cowell to Dragons Den

Just what does it take to make it in the music industry? And how did I get the chance to appear (and be successful) on Dragons Den?

My life has been a roller coaster ride of which I have been signed to Simon Cowell, managed top ten chart acts and invented a new patented technology, taking it through to market. I am also the lead singer for Urban Cookie Collective – who had a number 1 hit with "The Key The Secret" and I tour the world to this day, singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people! I will tell you my life story.....

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Danielle A Barnett

Romford Essex

'Staff Nurse Emily Connell’s Autograph Book'

Emily Connell was a remarkable woman; hailing from Bootle and having enrolled in the Territorial Force Nursing Service in 1908, she was appointed as Staff Nurse at 3rd Western General Hospital in Cardiff when war broke out in 1914. As well as serving there throughout the First World War, she kept an autograph book in which her patients drew and wrote messages. This is the story of her own highs and lows and struggles with the system. It is also the story of the remarkable work the TFNS did with Shell Shock sufferers and sheds light on some of the soldiers who left their incredible pictures and anecdotes in her book.

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John Griffiths-Colby

Reigate, Surrey

"An Odd Thing Happened Today at the Airport"

International airports are fascinating places to pass through. But have you ever wondered what happens if you work at one……especially as a police officer at Britain’s second busiest airport,London Gatwick.

· Where was the 1917 Grand National horse race held?

· What have Vinnie Jones, Naomi Campbell and Peter Buck got in common?

· Do you know your LAX from your LHR airport codes?

· The “Golden age” of air travel

· The very expensive sleep-over or The stowaway to freedom;

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Neil Sadler

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

It Wasn't All About the Pankhursts

An in-depth, illustrated talk about the suffragette movement and other, conflicting movements of the time. Please note! This is not only for women’s groups

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Charlotte Gringras

Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Elizabeth Barton: The Maid of Kent 1506 -1534

This young visionary of Aldington in Kent was so dangerous to Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon that she had to be executed. Hear why in this commissioned talk. The talk includes the work of artist Lauren McMahan.

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Melanie Gibson-Barton

Dymchurch, Kent

Baked Alaska or Mexican Chilly? Climate change explained.

In July 2019 people sunbathed in a baking Alaska as temperatures soared to an unprecedented 32oC. In the same month the normally baking city of Guadalajara in Mexico shivered beneath chilly 3 foot blanket of freak hailstones. Both events made the headlines. What is going on here? Some blame climate change. Others shrug and say “That’s what weather does. Always has done and always will.”

What climate change does to weather is just one of the topics covered in this talk. It will also present the fascinating history, science and politics of climate change in a clear and entertaining way so that your opinions, whatever they may be, are fully informed. The speaker talks from a background of providing environmental advice and training to multinational company.

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Public Speaker Nick Cook

Nick Cook

Ruislip, Greater London

A Cleaner Greener Life

How to reduce plastic and your toxic footprint

Do you want to reduce plastic in your life but don’t know where to start? Do you ever think about the chemicals you use and worry about the impact on your health?

Everyone is talking about plastic pollution at the moment and the impact on our oceans and the micro-plastics that end up back in our food chain.

If you want a no-nonsense, practical session on easy to implement ways to:
· Reduce plastic
· Detox your environment
· Detox your body
· Have a cleaner greener life

Let’s face it, who wants to use a cleaning product that warns not to use it in an enclosed space. Yet the alternatives are healthier for you, your environment and your purse.

Helping you on your way to better health.

This is a 45 minute talk and can be done as part demo.

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Alison Charles Public Speaker from London

Alison Charles

Southend-On-Sea, Essex

Fashionable Fashionistas

An engaging, fascinating and fun perspective into how a group of women, determined to look fabulous, have fun into their 60`s, 70’s, 80`s and 90`s are redefining the ageing process and in some cases carving out new careers for themselves.

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Brenda Cameron

Farningham, Kent

Talks by New Speakers to the Public Speakers Corner Website

Machu Picchu - Beauty and Mystery

Embark on a captivating exploration of the Inca civilization, delving into the geographical and historical backdrop that gave rise to their remarkable achievement—the mysterious Citadel of Machu Picchu. Discover its profound meaning, its harmonious relationship with the surrounding mountains, its ingenious adaptation to the environment, and the purpose behind its thoughtfully chosen location. The talk covers the explorations and visits to this site before and during its discovery in 1911.

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Public Speaker in Oxfordshire Gloria Camino

Gloria Camino

Wantage, Oxfordshire

Wills and Estate Planning

An informative talk, with power point presentation about Wills, Estate Planning and Lasting Power of Attorney’s. I offer an insight into what a proper will can protect your estate and ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

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Public Speaker in Sheffield Paul Downing

Paul Downing

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

30 Years of British Comedy

I talk about by experience of producing and promoting British comedy, including stories about the development of Leicester Comedy Festival. I also tell anecdotes about performers I have worked with including Ken Dodd, Barry Cryer, Jo Brand and more.

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Geoff Rowe

Leicester, Leicestershire

From Bombs to Bournville... and other true stories

This illustrated talk will be available to book for 2023 and includes the story of a family who helped build torpedoes and buildings, of a man from Cornwall whose manufacturing invention transformed processes on both sides of the Atlantic…

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Helen Baggott

Blandford Forum, Dorset

1960 s Motorsport and the "Goodwood Revival " Meeting

An illustrated talk on 1960 s Motor Racing and the "Goodwood Revival " Race Meeting highlighting the achievements of Sir Stirling Moss
Very well received by various clubs and associations over the years.

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Public Speaker in Dronfield, Derbyshire Martin Rowley

Martin Rowley

Dronfield, Derbyshire

My Life in Comedy

A 50-60 minute presentation, tracing my career, recalling both successes and disasters, all spiked with stories about the eccentric individuals you saw on your screen in the Eighties, the Nineties and the Noughties.

I get most of my laughs by showing video clips of some of my successful sketches. I have all my own equipment – screen, projector, speakers

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Colin Bostock-Smith

Uckfield, East Sussex


Whilst her friends were sneaking into nightclubs underage, Mel Byron was spending her weekends learning about life from the films of the 30s, 40s and 50s. From these she learnt about life, if not entirely accurately. Could she grow up to be as glamorous as Carole Lombard or Margaret Lockwood? Might she actually marry a movie star? Mel will share her encyclopaedic knowledge and recommend the films you need in your lives, too.

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Mel Byron

Muswell Hill, London

Banoffi Pie and Other Adventures

The talk describes the early part of my career as a chef in the restaurant business, my early influences and how I created the dessert that was to become world famous. Also the serendipity of how the fame spread and became a favourite of the Royal Family and other famous people and how the word (whichever way it was spelt – Banoffi or Banoffee) eventually made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Ian Dowding

Herstmonceux East Sussex

Testicles & Saving Lives

Testicular Cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged 15 to 35, yet it is one of the most treatable. The talk details the common signs and symptoms, how to check for these, and types of treatment.

I also talk about my own experience of twice being diagnosed with this type of cancer and how it is important to me more open about discussing such issues. (1.10)

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Vince Wolverson

Norwich, Norfolk

Otters - Coming to a River Near You

Public Speaker in Devon Stephen Powles presents his talk Otters - Coming to a River Near You
A general otter talk covering (amongst other things) their design features, their behaviour, signs to look out for and their population crash plus subsequent recovery. At the end there is a short piece on Hammer Scar, a female otter that became habituated to me and with whom I made four TV appearances. Ideal as an introductory otter talk. (17.8)

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Stephen Powles

Tiverton, Devon

The Antarctic Adventures of Sir Ernest Shackleton

This presentation is about the heroic adventures of one of the world’s greatest ever explorers. It provides an account of the various expeditions that Sir Ernest Shackleton undertook to the Antarctic. He was an inspirational leader; determined to succeed even under the harshest of conditions but was never afraid of admitting defeat, if the welfare of his men was at risk. He led the infamous Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic which resulted in an open boat journey across the most hostile ocean in the world. Shackleton inspired his men like no other explorer of his time, as will be demonstrated during the talk. (CVLD)(10.3)

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Rodney Paul

Marchington, Staffordshire

Judaism, The Legacy of The Holocaust and Antisemitism - A Personal Story

I relate my own personal family story, how my Mother and Grandparents fled Nazi Germany as refugees from persecution, that my Great-Grandmother survived the camps and how my Great Aunt and Uncle both perished in Auschwitz. I myself have been the victim of prejudice both at school and while working professionally and I talk about how I dealt with this matter and how my views were shaped by these experiences. Contemporary issues of anti-semitism, ignorance and intolerance, challenging myths and stereotypes are also discussed. (12.3)

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Freddy Naftel Public Speaker

Freddy Naftel

Whitefield, Greater Manchester

The Secret Life of a Wood

When we walk through a typical broad leafed woodland, we often do not see the wealth and breadth of the diversity of the wildlife that lives there. This talk shows some of the birds, mammals, reptiles , wild flowers and fungi found there, as well as some of the unusual subjects which at first sight are not always clearly visible.(12.3)

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Roger Hance

Colchester, Essex

The Coldest Place on Earth - Antarctica

‘The Coldest Place on Earth’ covers some of the geographical aspects of the continent, then onto the early expeditions, including Shackleton, Mawson and some more recent exploits into the region and then a series of pictures on the wildlife and ice. I am fortunate to have been there twice and consequently have a wealth of pictures. I describe myself as ‘not an expert, but passionate about the place’.

I have a number of artefacts connected to Shackleton which I am happy to show at a presentation, in addition to letting people have a ‘wee dram’ of Shackleton whisky (venu’s restrictions permitting) and telling the story behind the bottle. (10.3)

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Rodney Paul

Marchington, Staffordshire

Singing for Victory: the Forces' Sweethearts of WW2

Singing sentimental songs in a popular style, the Forces’ Sweethearts kept spirits up at home during the Blitz and abroad in every theatre of war. Many performed with ENSA in very difficult circumstances; many were not professional performers and went back to other jobs when the war ended; some, like Gracie Fields, Joyce Grenfell and Vera Lynn, became national treasures. This talk explores the songs, singing styles and experiences of the Forces’ Sweethearts, and includes performances (audience participation encouraged!) of such standards as We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover. (Can be delivered with powerpoint or standalone). (9.3)

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Public Speaker, singer and entertainer from Cambridgeshire Melody Flyte.

Melody Flyte

Grantham, Lincolnshire

Westerns on the West of England Main Line

Join the speaker on a photographic journey from Paddington to Penzance and South Wales illustrated by a variety of photographs from the author’s collection across all livery eras. The talk includes a myriad of interesting anecdotes and facts as well as some wonderful photographs taken during the lives of the fleet.(12.3)

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Adrian Curtis

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

How to Speak Your Truth & Live Your Fullest Self Expressed Life

In this talk I will take you on a journey. It starts with how I was so ashamed of who I was that I could neither speak nor stand up for myself to uncovering my unique self expression and developing the confidence to speak my message to thousands of people. Through finding the confidence to speak I become an award winning inspirational speaker.
My ventures along the way include performing my very well received Stand Up comedy act at the Great Yorkshire Fringe 2019 and acting as a flamboyant 1980’s swinger in ‘A Chorus of Disapproval’ to thousands of people.
I will teach you the three absolute musts you need so that you can uncover your voice and find the courage to unapologetically self express to the World! (8.1)

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Helen Chapman

Walthamstow, Greater London

The Long Road to Publication

My first book, a crime thriller called The Trail, is going to be published by Unbound in spring 2020.

It’s taken me 10 years, and my talk is the story of how and why it’s taken so long. The talk covers my writing journey from magazine articles on mountaineering, to an MA in Creative Writing, to soon-to-be published author, and also my attempts at the various routes to publication (traditional / independent / self-publishing / hybrid). And it highlights the route which worked for me.

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James Ellson Public Speaker and author in Derbyshire

James Ellson

Hayfield, Derbyshire

Principles of Garden Design

Do you look at your garden and wonder how you could make it look more pleasing to the eye? Want to know what plants would work best in your outdoor space you have, or how to make it work better for you? As a qualified Garden Designer, in this talk I’ll take you through the basic principles of garden design to help create beautiful and practical gardens. Those feeling inspired after the talk, have the opportunity to book a design consultation for their own garden.

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Jacquie Felix-Mitchell

Buckfastleigh, Devon

The First World War contribution of Dulmial Village, present day Pakistan

My illustrated talk tells the unique story of the 460 soldiers, including my Greatgrandfathers, from Dulmial Village, present day Pakistan who fought in the Great War and their subsequent reward of a 200-year-old Scottish cannon. The presentation also explores the wider role of the Muslim soldiers in the First World War.
I have been researching this topic since 2014 and have been featured on Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5 News and The Daily Telegraph.

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Dr Irfan Malik

Carlton, Nottinghamshire

"Who the hell is Arthur?"

A truly investigative approach to genealogy told through a personal and fascinating account of the search for my father’s parentage and medical ancestry. The journey takes the audience on a countrywide tour, exposing lies, deceit, discovery and deception.
Delivering traditional family history techniques with a modern twist.

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Neil Littleales

Merton, Devon

Behind The Scenes On Centre Court

For 40 years I was the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s steward on Centre Court with the responsibility for organising and overseeing the seating arrangements and security of the great tennis players whose guests came up to watch the matches. With 4 matches a day this involved much complicated reassigning of seats to the next lot of guests, amongst whom were many top celebrities. My first was Frank Sinatra and amongst the many others were Barbra Streisand, Larry Adler, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, Sting, and Kate Middleton’s family. I met and chatted with all of these and especially the great former Wimbledon champions stretching back as far as 1924. My talk is in two parts, firstly about how the AELTC is run and how they run the Championships. Secondly I talk about the great matches and players with many associated anecdotes on a decade by decade basis (1920 to 2018) which allows me to start and finish the talk in precise segments.

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Alan Chalmers

Midhurst, West Sussex

Ban Conkers? That's Bonkers!!!

Nanny state gone mad or enlightened care? Decide for yourself as you fasten your seat belt and take a roller coaster ride through the past, present and precarious future of Health and Safety.

We will consider the health hazards from those faced by stone-age flint axe makers to modern dangers such as the perils of simply sitting and the hidden hazards you inhale while flying in today’s modern airliners.

While your final views of this controversial subject are entirely your own, this talk will hopefully help to inform those opinions.

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Public Speaker Nick Cook

Nick Cook

Ruislip, Greater London