Byron Machin

Location: Leek, Staffordshire
About the speaker...

Byron Machin is a documentary maker, writer, professional lecturer and Geography teacher from the Staffordshire Moorlands. Born in the town of Leek, he has had a passion for all aspects of landscape history since he was a young boy. His current series of talks reflects the passions and interests which he has been researching for many years. Byron has recently been in the news for creating a four part, eight hour documentary series containing a wealth of information on the history, wildlife, folklore and landscape of the Peak District. The film has been commended not only for its presentation and level of information but also its dangerous and compelling footage of underground and inaccessible locations. In addition to writing and documentary making Byron is also a keen Botanist and Entomologist, at this moment finishing a 7 year research project on the wild Orchids of the Peak District.

About his talks...

All talks last for around 70 minutes and are accompanied by high quality PowerPoint presentations and examples of Byron’s stunning landscape and macro-photography. Each is set up to be 40 minutes, followed by a break, then 30 minutes and time for questions.
I provide all equipment including digital projector, screen and speakers.
Please contact me to discuss fee/expenses as it varies according to distance and group size.


My fee is negotiable depending on the size of the audience and the distance from my home in Leek. However, my minimum fee including travel expenses is £60.

I am available for a 50 mile radius around Leek (Staffordshire) including: Macclesfield, Congleton, Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock, Chesterfield, Derby, Uttoxeter, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield etc. I am also available to do talks on weekdays, along with evenings and weekends.”



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Peak District Themed Talks

1. The Stone Circles of the Peak District

An in-depth look at the history of Neolithic and Bronze Age man in the Peak District, through the remains of his evocative stone monuments, which remain scattered across the high moor

2. The Mines of the Peak District - A Story in Stone

The mines of the Peak District were once some of the richest and deepest in the world. This talk explores their history, development, geology and contains some outstanding underground photography.

3. The Mist Covered Mountains of Home

A photographic journey through the magnificent Peak District. Including insights into both its landscape, culture, natural history and archaeology.

4. The Wild Orchids of the Peak District

A look at the numerous rare and beautiful orchids found in the peak district; not only looking at their natural history but also their folklore, distribution and future.

5. The Rare Wild Flowers of the Peak District

The result of five years field research, Byron takes you on a tour through the seasons to explore the peak districts rarest flowers which lie hidden in some of its most spectacular landscape. Filled with stunning photography, history and folklore.

6.The Butterflies of the Peak District

Over two dozen species of the butterfly can be found in the peak district, some of them on the very brink of extinction. In this talk we explore these beautiful insects and the fragile habitats they inhabit. Highlights include the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary (now confined to one small fragment of marsh on the edge of the Cheshire Peaks) and the Pale Clouded Yellow (A very rare migrant to our shores, seen last year for the first time in the peaks in 50 years).

7.The Folklore of the Staffordshire Moorlands

Boggarts, Black Dogs, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Mermaids, The Green Knight – The peak district has a rich folkloric history and in this talk we cross the national park to explore its darkest and most secret places, and find out about the legendary creatures and characters that have inhabited them.

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