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Location: Telford, Shropshire
About me....

My name is Carole Burrows-Mann. I am a self-employed Life Coach and Meditation Teacher. I am passionate about educating others in the art of stress-management, anxiety awareness, relaxation, and, best of all, MEDITATION.





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About my talks...

My talks are between 45 and 60 minutes long, stand-alone. I take my own music, incense, singing bowl, meditation cushion, and other “stuff”. Any number of attendees’ welcome. I live in Telford, Shropshire, so West Midlands area is good. However, I will go nationwide.


Fees are £45 per talk, and 30p per mile travel expenses when the venue is more than ten miles from my howm town, Telford in Shropshire.

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A Beginners Guide to Meditation

Ommmmm. Meditation is THE ONLY practice that will get you back to yourself. It is essential for our mental health and well-being, inner peace, focus, and trust. Meditation is a conscious effort to change how the mind works. It smashes anxiety, depression, negativity, and soul-destroying beliefs to bits! Many people have stereotypical ideas about meditation and those who practice…. sitting for hours in the lotus position, chanting, omming, being a vegetarian, non-smoking, tee total, eco warrior. Let me tell ya…. I am no veggie, tee-totaler! The aim of my 45-minute talk is to share my knowledge and experiences with you in a passionate, realistic way. If you can breathe, you can meditate! And I can show you how to do that while living your everyday life. 15-minute-ish Q&A after the talk.

A Beginners Guide to Anxiety

Everybody knows what anxiety is don’t they? Really? Anxiety has become such an accepted part of our being and psyche that we identify ourselves with it. In it’s extreme state, anxiety and stress can be the most debilitating experience, and lead to chronic disorder and illness. Even on a more general, day-to-day level, anxiety and stress have a large say in how we live our lives. This talk will provide basic education about anxiety, and hints and tips to alleviate the pressure!! 45-60 minute talk, with 15-minute Q&A.

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