David Winchester

Location: Burnley, Lancashire
About me...

I am a freeman of the City of London, International Author, College Lecturer and Associate Member of the Cruise Lecturers Association
For over thirty years I worked in the plastering industry as a practicing plasterer, restoring decorative plasterwork
For the last twelve years I have worked in further education giving lectures and passing on my knowledge and skills to students wishing to work in this field.
It was while lecturing that I noticed that there was a lack of recent publications on decorative plasterwork that the students of today could relate to, so it was whilst recovering from an accident that I wrote my first book titled Columns Cornices and Curves, due to the success of this book I wrote two more books tilted
Plasterwork Decorative Moulding; Plastering Basic Skills. All of my book sell around the world in English speaking countries.
It was due to my work in education that in 2010 I was given the freedom of the city of London.

About my talks...

My lectures are delivered via power point and are both enjoyable and educational with the use of media to enrich the presentations.


I am based in Burnley, Lancashire and my fees range from £50 (less than 1 hour each way driving) up to £100 (5 hours each way driving) to the venue from my home in Burnley Lancashire (BB11).
If driving time is more than 5 hours each way, fees increase to between £101 and £150.
Travel is charged at 40p pm if over 10 miles from home.
Distances requiring more than 3 hours driving each way may incur a night stop using a travel-lodge or similar. Area covered – anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.


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Castles and Cathedrals

This is an easy and enjoyable lecture! It starts with the Norman invasion of 1066 which kick-started a building boom throughout the UK
With the help of video clips I will show you the skills and techniques used by the medieval masons to build some of the greatest buildings ever built in the UK – buildings that have been standing for over 900 hundred years and look every bit as impressive today as the day that they were built.

The History of Plastering - a Journey Through Time

Join me on my time machine as I take you on a journey through time! This is a very light hearted and enjoyable lecture which takes the you on a journey through time from the dawning of civilisation up to the modern day, stopping off at various periods including the Egyptian, Romans, Greeks, though to the middle ages and the ancient craft guilds of London, finishing at the present day.
This lecture is media enriched to make your journey enjoyable.

Identifying Classical and Gothic Architecture.

This lecture would be best delivered at the start of the cruise and could be adapted to ports of call.
This lecture will focus upon the types of architecture that the passengers will come across on their shore visits, with the use of power points and short video clips I will show the passengers how to identify the various forms of architecture along with a little history of the Greek, Roman and Gothic architecture.

Heritage Plasterwork

This is a pictorial lecture showing some of the restoration work that I have been involved with, and the skills and techniques required to undertake this type of work.
This lecture will remove some of the myths associated with decorative plasterwork, plus give you an enjoyable understanding of how this work is produced.

From Glam rock to Punk rock the Music of the 70's

Guaranteed to get you tapping your feet and singing along as we celebrate the music of the 70’s
This is a 40 minute talk showing film clips and listening to the music of that magical decade the 70’s


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