Derek Beddow

Location: Conwy, North Wales
About me...

I live in North Wales, and am a retired education consultant who has been visiting Japan since 1989, and go to Japan once a year. I have flown to Japan over 30 times, and lived and worked there for five years. I speak ‘get by’ Japanese. I have compiled this talk as I believe Japan is, still, a country that maintains its historical culture, and is therefore one of the most unique countries in the World to visit.

About my Talk...

A one hour inclusive talk with (optional) activities. The talk includes a 20 minutes video of Japan. I have a laptop/projector and all the props I need to give the talk such as chop sticks and origami paper for when the optional activities are included.


£50 plus travel cost if more than ten miles from my home in Conwy, North Wales.

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Travel into Japan

This is a one hour inclusive talk with (optional) activities and includes a 20 minute video of Japan which focuses on travel; food; leisure; homes & houses; religion; cherry blossom season, wildlife, and culture in general. The video shows the reality of day to day life in Japan.  The talk also provides people with practical information on how to get to Japan; travel around, book hotels, the best time of year to go, costs etc. There are also opportunities to take part in a short quiz & a chopstick competition (with prizes), as well as information on how to install a Japanese toilet in your own home for a fraction of the usual cost. I also help people with personal enquiries, via email, should anyone be thinking of visiting Japan, and provide free downloadable copies of ‘TALKING ABOUT JAPAN-, a 20,000 word publication on the reality of day to day life in Japan’

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