Dr Aruna Mene

Location: Bolton Lancashire
About me...

I am a recently retired Hospital Consultant, now leading a parallel life as a full time  fabric artist, creating beautiful, exotic and uplifting fabric collages and other pieces of fabric art from fabric waste and  recycled textiles. I believe my art is quite unique and there is not much awareness about my art of fabric collage. I have had four very successful solo exhibitions in London, Bolton and Lancashire , where I raised a substantial amount of money for various charities I support through my art.

My work has appeared on the cover of two journals and images of my art were used by a Japanese company for their 2015 calendar. I was commissioned to produce collages for Royal Brompton Hospital in London in 2012. My work also hangs in Royal Blackburn Hospital.I have given several talks to various groups , which have been appreciated .

About my talks...

My talks are all power point presentations, lasting between 45 to 60 minutes. I have laptop and projector but am very happy to use inhouse equipment when it is available.

I may be available to give a talk at a short notice.


I charge £50 for my talk and a small travel expense for travel over ten miles from Bolton. I will need a projector and a screen if available; in case required I can bring my own equipment.

I may be available to give a talk at a short notice.




My Contact Details:

Telephone: 01204846652

From Rags to Riches

In this presentation , I will talk about how fabric waste and recycled textiles (rags) could be turned into beautiful ,collectible precious  pieces. This is a power point presentation of 45 minutes (can be longer ,up to 60 minutes) about my ‘green’ and ecologically friendly fabric art and how I create   exotic , vibrant fabric collages, colourful rag rugs and beautiful  wearable art. I will talk about my inspirations for these creations and helping various charities through my art. I will bring some examples of my work and merchandise based on my work.

BEAUTY UNDER THE MICROSCOPE and my travels in the world of medicine and fabric art.

In this presentation, I will talk about how my day job as a Hospital Consultant Histopathologist, inspired me to create wonderful fabric collages based on microscopic images and human tissues. I will also talk about my non-medical fabric art to create vibrant, exotic fabric collages and other fabric art  from fabric waste and recycled textiles. The presentation can last from 45 to 60 minutes, as required. The talk will be accompanied by some examples of my fabric art and merchandise based on my art , available for sale for my various charities.

The Art of Giving

In this power point presentation, I will describe how I support various deserving charities in UK and India through my art. I will briefly describe the work they do and about my ‘green’ fabric art of creating vibrant exotic pieces by using fabric waste and recycled textiles.  This will be a 45 minute pp presentation, but can be extended to 60 minutes, if required. I will display some examples of my work and merchandise based on my art, which will be available to buy for charity.

Dr Aruna Mene Contact Details:

Telephone: 01204846652

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