Dr Irfan Malik

Location: Carlton, Nottinghamshire
About me...

I was born in Nottingham and have worked as a GP in the city for over 20 years.
I am married and have 2 children.

About my Talk...

My talk last for approx one hour and includes time for questions. It is a powerpoint presentation and I can supply my own laptop and projector if required, or bring the talk on a memory stick – whichever best suits your requirements.


£50 when the venue is within ten miles of my home address in Carlton, Nottinghamshire. When the venue is further afield, I require modest travel expenses.

My Contact Details:

07719 276729

The First World War contribution of Dulmial Village, present day Pakistan

My illustrated talk tells the unique story of the 460 soldiers, including my Greatgrandfathers, from Dulmial Village, present day Pakistan who fought in the Great War and their subsequent reward of a 200-year-old Scottish cannon. The presentation also explores the wider role of the Muslim soldiers in the First World War.
I have been researching this topic since 2014 and have been featured on Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5 News and The Daily Telegraph.


Photograph: Dulmial Village WW1 veterans in 1925

Dr Irfan Malik Contact Details:

07719 276729

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