Helen Kendall-Tobias

Location: Harrietsham, Kent
About her...

Illustrated talks for schools, groups and clubs. My talks last approximately 45-50 minutes, with additional time for questions and discussion. Some talks include a handout or complimentary brochure for the audience. I’m based near Maidstone in Kent – and travel across the county to the outskirts of London. For some of my demonstrations I just need a large table. When other equipment is needed, I bring it all along myself – including a projection screen for my on-screen presentations.

About her talks and demonstrations...

In addition to my  one-to-one work with personal clients as the owner of IMAGINATION Image Consultancy, I have developed a number of talks and demonstrations which I present to larger groups, e.g. ladies’ sections at golf clubs, women’s groups and social clubs, charity fundraising groups etc.


My fee is normally £60 plus expenses for a 45 minute talk and questions.
For charity groups and smaller groups, this fee may be negotiable. Many of my talks include a complimentary brochure for the audience.

If you’ve been let down at the last minute by your speaker – why not give me a ring? I can often make myself available at short notice with one of my talks or demonstrations so that your audience won’t be disappointed.

My Contact Details:

07725 57 64 72


A light hearted look at what Brides, Bridesmaids and Guests have worn at weddings in the last 100 years. What the Royal Family chose, how it was copied by the public and some completely “weird ideas” – which you’ll never want to imitate. Got a “do” of your own to attend – you’ll have plenty of tips from Helen in this entertaining talk.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


How to be absolutely fabulous – at any age! An inspirational presentation to show you that you’re never too old to put your best foot forward! Learn the most common mistakes that we make as we get older, how to look more youthful, and how to dress appropriately for your age.

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

DIAMONDS: A Girls Best Friend?

According to the song – they are, but is it really true? Find out more in this eye-opening new talk from Helen.

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

LIPSTICK: The History in Your Handbag

Take a look into history and discover how it all started. Why did we wear lipstick? Who made it fashionable? How has it developed? What is the Lipstick Effect? And what does the future hold? A general interest talk, on the history in your handbag.

Image by annca from Pixabay


A good selection of scarves is essential in every well-planned wardrobe. Scarves can quickly change the appearance of clothes, and bring new life to outfits.

In this popular talk learn how to tie a scarf in 50 different ways in just 45 minutes. That’s just over one per minute! For groups who want to get involved in the demonstration, the audience may bring their own scarves along for personal tuition. If you want to learn how to “twist” this is the demonstration for your group.

Image by danloges from Pixabay


A whistle stop tour of how colour has played a part in fashion since 1850. This talk includes a look at the colours chosen and worn by people in the public eye such as the Queen. It also brings us right up to date with the current colour trends.


Pearls come into a go out of fashion but have long been worn through history by the very wealthy and by royalty. History, Care of Pearls, Famous Pearl Wearers – and a personal story about a necklace found in my mother’s jewellery box. Find out if your necklace is real or a fake…


When you go on holiday do you struggle to close your suitcase? Do you have to take extra bags to carry the overflow? Do you struggle to carry your luggage because it is so heavy?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you will find this talk essential. In just 45 minutes you will learn the fundamentals of the holiday capsule wardrobe so you never again go on holiday over-laden with unsuitable clothes. You’ll be shown lots of tips and tricks to help you pack like a professional and Helen will let you in on some of her own packing disasters!


Just what made Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana into style icons? Was it just down to the clothes they wore or did they have something extra? What can we learn from them? An illustrated talk, stepping back into the glamour days of the Cinema, and the recent past, and looking at today’s icons such as Lady Gaga and Michelle Obamah with a mini Quiz to finish.

Helen Kendall-Tobias Contact Details:

07725 57 64 72

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