Neal Sutton

Location: Beccles, Suffolk
About The Speaker...

y name is Neal Sutton and I have spent a lifetime in the spiritual ‘field’ having had my first experience as a small boy. Added to that I have spent much of my ‘normal career’ in the world of cinema.  Now at the tender age of – over 60,  I have spoken with spirit, been inspired and educated by them and worked with them.  In my cinema career I have been at the sharp end of the evolvement of cinema from the 1960s to date!
For several years I have offered talks for clubs and groups on all things spiritual.  More recently, following several requests I have added a talk entitled ‘A Lifetime In Cinema’ which is very popular too!  All talks are  are full audio-visual presentations!

About Their Talks...

My talks are Powerpoint presentations and I have a projector and screen if necessary – although if there is a projector on site and a convenient white wall, I am happy.

Each talk lasts for 1 hour – apart from the Medical Cannabis one which does tend to over run!


My fee is £50.  within ten miles of my home addess in Beccles.  I charge 35pence per mile traveling for everything over 10 miles each way.

My Contact Details:

01502 578074


This is a talk about Neal’s life in working with spirit, how it resulted in him publishing two books, how he challenged established religions and exposed the lies and the hypocrisy of their doctrine and the sometimes uphill struggle with a world that will not see.


Hemp has had a bit of a bum rap in the 20th century with powerful corporations working hard to label it a dangerous plant – but when you follow the money, you will find a trail of lies and propaganda intentionally instigated which eventually lead to the plant being banned.


This is the little brother to Hemp but the one with unique healing, anaesthetic and pain relieving properties. Hear how Big Pharma bullied, lied and conspired to control medicine and treatments, completely discrediting the single most curative herb on the planet in favour of invasive destructive Chemotherapy and a myriad of drugs that just don’t work.


In my working life I have spent much of my time in the world of cinemas. This fun talks tells of the weird and wonderful times in the world of cinema and film distribution from the 1960s onwards. We look at cinemas and film distributors, video & film piracy and how cinemas really work! We will also take a look back at Saturday morning matinees and the serials we all loved. We end with a look
at conversion from Film to Digital in 2014.

Neal Sutton Contact Details:

01502 578074

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