Robert Alan Smith

Location: Ellesmere Shropshire
About The Speaker...

Hi I have long held a interest in the wild west, and general American history from 1775 to 1900, I am retired sales manager and live in Ellesmere Shropshire with my wife. My younger years were spent playing semi professional football, and village cricket. A one company man of 38 years, I now spend my time holidaying around the world, and reading my vast collection of American history books.

About Their Talks...

I can give talks on five topics of American history, The Civil War. Little Big Horn, the Alamo, American Revolution, and one I call the Birth of a nation talking about the formulative years of the United states,
I have my own laptop, projector and screen, and will travel within a 50mile radius of Ellesmere, each talk is about 45 to 60mins in length.


My fee is £50.00 and if the travelling is excessive £10.00 for fuel

My Contact Details:

07775 092908

American Civil War

Facts and Figures from this bloody conflict

Little Big Horn

Backgound and talk on Custers last stand

American Revolution

Talk about Americas battle for independance from Britain

Battle of the Alamo

Texas struggle against Mexican General Santa Anna

Birth Of a Nation

Development of United States from english Colonies



Robert Alan Smith Contact Details:

07775 092908

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