William Aers

Location: Medway, Kent
About me...

I have a History degree and I’m currently a lecturer at Mid Kent College. I have worked in museum education for over six years and I have taught in the state and private sector. I have also worked with SEN and disability groups. I have experience in teaching adult education and care homes, as well as teaching foreign students in China and the USA. For the past three years I have been running my own business visiting schools and care homes across the county to deliver history workshops.

About my Talks...

I currently deliver talks on the Romans, Early Medieval England and Dinosaurs & Fossils on a stand-alone basis. All of my talks last an hour to an hour and a half. They are mostly visual, but I use large A3 pictures instead of PowerPoint when I need to show images. However, I do have PowerPoint slides available for larger audiences. I also include real historical artefacts and fossils for people to hold and museum replicas (shields/helmets/armour/etc) for people to try on. I usually need one or two tables to place my exhibits on as they are a key part of my talks.


Fee is £80 for a talk lasting an hour to 90 minutes (times may vary depending on group size and your requirements). The fee  covers the talk and travel across the whole of Kent and up to 20 miles into the surrounding counties of Essex, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex.


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Roman Britain

Learn about the Roman Invasion of Britain under Julius Caesar and the later invasion under Claudius. Who were the British Celts and what happened to Boudicca? How did the Roman Empire finally come to an end? In this talk the audience will also get to hold real Roman artefacts and pottery and try on replica Roman shields, armour and helmets.

Dinosaurs & Fossils

A short history of life on earth. This talk takes you from the earliest life on the planet to the rise and demise of the dinosaurs and finally to the rise of the mammals and humans. It’s a 4.5,000,000,000 year journey which allows the audience to handle real fossils, dinosaur teeth, ancient mammal bones and stone tools. What was the earliest life on earth? What did England look like 50 million years ago? What happened to the Neanderthals? Find out in this talk.

Anglo Saxon England

Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans. What do they all have in common? Find out about the history of England and the counties. What did the Saxons, Normans and Vikings wear? Why did they come here and what did they do? In this talk the audience will be able to hold real artefacts and try on a wide range of Early Medieval helmets, armour and shields.

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