Adrian Tayler

Location: Milnthorpe, Cumbria
About The Speaker...

After a 40 year career as a scriptwriter and video producer, I am now heavily involved with the Lancaster Grand theatre, the West Lancs Light Railways and in giving talks on topics which I feel keenly about.

About Their Talks...

“Curtain Up!” covers the history of theatre in Britain, in particular the story of the Lancaster Grand built in 1782 – who has performed there, what goes into a production, superstitions and ghosts.
“Scams – Trust No-one” is the result of my training as a Scam Champion by National Trading Standards and covers the many ways crooks target you and what to do about it.
Both talks are illustrated with Powerpoint and last around 1 hour; I will bring my laptop and a projector, but am more than happy to use a projector installed in the venue


For “Curtain Up!” the fee is £45, which goes to the Lancaster Grand’s building fund for the new foyer. “Scams – Trust No-one” is free. I will ask for petrol or train fare if the venue is more than 20 miles from Kendal.

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Curtain Up!

Adrian Tayler presents his talk Curtain Up

A short history of British theatre, in particular of the Lancaster Grand, the country’s third oldest theatre opened in 1782, how a theatre works and what goes into a production. Backstage tours of the Lancaster Grand theatre can also be arranged.

Scams - Trust No-one

Adrian Tayler presents his talk Scams - Trust No-one

Fraud is a £190 billion industry and booming. I have been trained as a Scam Champion. by National Trading Standards and will talk about how to spot scams face-to-face, over the phone, mail or internet and how to protect yourself.

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