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Location: Horsham, West Sussex
About Alan Cooke...

Alan is a former member of the Royal Society of Medicine. He is currently a member of the College of for Integrated Health and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. He qualified as a Magnotherapist in 2003 and regularly addresses conferences, public and private events with the topic that he speaks about below. He is also the founder of UK Radiation an internet-based website resource for people looking at more information on electro-magnetic fields and possible health risks from wireless technology

About his Talks...

The talks are ‘stand alone’ and the only equipment required is 2 large tables. Alan will provide all other equipment including a portable public address system if required.

Wireless Technology including 5G and the possible Health Issues.


£30.00 for a talk lasting about 1 hour except for my talk about Surveillance Monitoring for which I charge only my travel expenses.

Travel expenses: Reasonable travel expenses can be agreed at the time of booking. I am based in Horsham, West Sussex RH12

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Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart Appliances etc – What does this mean to all of us? In this hard hitting talk Alan Cooke brings you the truth – no holds barred!
Following two years of extensive research Alan will lift the lid off why the government and power companies are so keen to install these meters into our homes.
This presentation will amaze, shock, anger and inform you. Armed with the facts you will have a greater understanding of how to react to this latest intrusion.
As one person said after a recent talk on the subject ” This information should be made public and televised on the six o’clock news as a matter of urgency”.

As this is such an important issue Alan will present this talk for travel expenses only and will travel anywhere in the UK.


A new talk and demonstration aimed at promoting awareness of well- being in ourselves. Come and sample great tasting fruit and veg made before your very eyes as Alan shows you how to put together some great tasting concoctions. According to the British Dietary Association fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruit and vegetables all count. Also, 100% fruit or vegetable juice, pure fruit juice smoothies and pulses count. Remember that potatoes, yam, plantain, and cassava do not count towards your five-a-day because they are starchy foods.
Given the many health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, we should all be trying to meet the government’s ‘five-a-day’ target. Yet as a nation we eat less than three portions of fruit and veg a day, with only 15% of adults meeting the target. In children it is even less.
Why aren’t we eating enough? Perhaps people are still confused about how many portions they need a day, what counts as a portion, or even what constitutes a fruit or vegetable? This Food Fact Sheet explores some of these questions, giving you tasty examples of how to get your five-a-day.
Why are fruits and vegetables so beneficial? As well as tasting great, fruits and vegetables are incredibly versatile, packed with essential vitamins and minerals and a variety of phytochemicals (naturally occurring plant substances) that are vital for good health.
Many of these nutrients also act as powerful antioxidants, protecting the body from harmful free radicals (found in pollutants) that can cause disease.
Studies have shown that people who eat plenty of fruit and veg have a lower risk of developing many diseases, including high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and stroke, and some cancers (including mouth, throat, stomach, colon and lung cancers).In fact, it has been estimated that diet is likely to contribute to the development of one-third of all cancers, and that eating more fruits and vegetables is the second most important cancer prevention strategy, after stopping smoking.


As a nation we are living progressively longer and many people are now looking for alternate ways to obtain pain relief away from the conventional method of prescribed drugs.
Over 150 million people worldwide now use magnet therapy and the numbers are growing progressively. Magnet therapy consists of placing a therapeutic magnet on the body either affixing it to the skin with surgical tape, or where support may be needed, a number of magnets are secreted in a neoprene wrap before being attached to the body with Velcro fastening.
In his talk Alan demonstrates how this form of therapy works with some audience participation. It should be noted that this non-invasive treatment works for around 80% of people that use it. Over recent years a pulsed electrical magnetic device has become available to the market and speeds up healing time significantly. Working as a safe and effective portable machine arthritic sufferers and people with sports injuries have found this piece of kit invaluable.
Magnet therapy can also be used to promote well-being and so it is not necessary to have any kind of ailment to use it. Many people wear a magnetic bracelet and maintain that they have more energy and that their colds and flu have diminished significantly. Of course many people dismiss this fact or suggest that there is a placebo effect going on but Alan refutes this entirely by saying  “I have done a lot of work with animals using this therapy and there is no placebo effect there”.


If you are thinking of either buying or selling on Amazon marketplace what are the advantages/disadvantages? As a buyer and seller for many years Alan has built up a clear knowledge and understanding of how this global giant works. Should you sell and distribute goods yourself or is it more beneficial to allow Amazon to fulfil your orders? Alan will discuss the pros and cons through his first handexperience over the years.
In this informative talk Alan will draw attention to potential pit falls and share an experience that nearly cost him hundreds of pounds through no fault of his own. He will also explore product selection and prepare you for the unexpected. So if you are seriously contemplating taking the plunge into this type of marketing then this is the talk you cannot afford to miss.

The Pros and Cons of Wireless Technology including 5G

Following ongoing research and studies Alan brings the results of peer reviewed scientific papers and top
independent doctors as he talks about mobile phones, cordless landlines, smart meters and explains what
5G will mean for us all. Alan also reveals how most people are unaware that there is a warning hidden in
the small print of all mobile phones not to hold them against your body (including in your pocket, or
against your head whilst on a call). The most vulnerable people are children as their bodies contain 20%
more water and because they have a much smaller frame than that of adults they absorb more of these
waves. His presentation consists of Power Point slides and is interspersed with short videos and
More recently Alan became an ambassador for the group PHIRE (Physicians Healthcare Initiative for
Radiation Environment) set up by independent doctor Erica Mallery-Blythe. His talks are well in demand
and take him all over the UK. In 2019 Alan was invited to talk at the Glastonbury Symposium in front of
a near capacity audience of 300 in Somerset. He also regularly speaks to the following organisations:
University of the 3rd Age, Probus, Womens Institutes, Townswomens Guilds, Oddfellows, Rotary and other
independent groups. When Alan began his talks a few years ago now there was a general wide-eyed
wonder at fascinating possibilities and a belief that the world was entering a period of remarkable change.
That certainly turned out to be true. What had perhaps not been anticipated was that, by the time we got
to 2019, Alan would be one of the last bastions of free speech and broad-minded thinking of its kind.
Even within the last year, there has been an onslaught from authorities and mainstream media to try to
erase all ‘alternative’ thinking from public gaze, through draconian online censorship and the clever
manipulation of algorithms which increasingly ensure that many people will now never find their way to
information which challenges what the powers that be would prefer us to see instead. It has been a truly
astonishing turnabout that has happened so rapidly that some observers within truth seeking realms
haven’t yet realised what has been taken away.
But try Googling certain topics that fall under truth, mysteries and new frontiers umbrella and see how
far down the search pages they have fallen – if they feature at all – while debunking and mainstream
propaganda now head the lists and truth videos mysteriously vanish.
With the online world, which for a while provided so many forums for free conversation, now
compromised, Alan’s talks may take on more importance again, as a rare opportunity to network with
like-minded seekers wishing to look beyond the pervasive conditioning and hear from intelligent thinkers
who know there are far more debates to be had than is allowed for in the now stagnant pool of contrived
orthodoxy being foisted on the population.
We must use our voices and gather to make stands in the hope that when the wheel of liberty turns again,
which it inevitably will, then, by attending events like this, we will know we helped to preserve precious
knowledge, waiting to be to be rediscovered by the wider world, ensuring that genuinely free speech is not

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