Duncan Bickley

Location: Barrington, Cambridgeshire
About The Speaker...

I am a retired Commercial Helicopter Pilot that worked onshore all over the UK, principally as an instructor and examiner. I had my own helicopter company based at Cambridge Airport for 20 years and flew mainly light helicopters. Towards the end of my career, I specialised in training and examining future instructors. I amassed 7,500 hours flying time, nearly all without any form of auto pilot.

About Their Talks...

I give two talks – each lasting about 40 minutes plus questions.
The first is “The Development of Helicopters” and encompasses the history of helicopter design. It is generally light hearted and non technical, intended to appeal to all audiences but can be made more technical and detailed if required. It is presented using slides and videos to demonstrate concepts.

The second talk is titled “My Adventures in Helicopters”. During my life as a commercial helicopter pilot, I managed to fly in some interesting places, generally leading trips for my customers. The included flying over London, Paris, the French Alps, Mallorca and all around the coastline of the UK. There are also stories about some of the famous faces I flew with and of amusing events.

Both talks include explanations of how you physically fly a helicopter and give an insight into what a helicopter pilot has to deal with. I use a laptop, screen and projector, so require a couple of tables and a safe power supply.


I charge a flat fee of £50 for talks within 20 miles of Cambridge City centre. Beyond that I ask for 20p per mile for petrol. I am happy to travel throughout Cambridgeshire and Essex, Herts, Suffolk, Beds and Northants, other counties subject to negotiation. I can generally be available at short notice and am able to speak daytime or evenings.

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The Development of Helicopters

A selective look at the endeavours of aviation pioneers to achieve rotary flight. Light hearted and generally non technical but can be more detailed for a specialist audience. Pictures and videos to demonstrate individual concepts.

Helicopter Adventures

A talk about various trips and adventures I experienced whilst flying customers about the UK and Europe. These include flying in London, Paris, the French Alps, Mallorca and the entire coast of mainland UK.

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