Francesca Summers

Location: Urmston Greater Manchester
About me...

Hi there and welcome to my Speaker’s Profile. That’s me on the left the Green Happy Hedgewitch and my Beautiful familiar ‘Bigg’s’

I’m a Vegan Green Eclectic Hedgewitch; Gothic Artist, Green Jeweller, Holistic Therapist, Rogerian Counsellor, Animal Rights Campaigner and Fundraiser. I also tutor in the History of Witchcraft, Wicca, Tarot, Astrology and Holistic Lifestyle and facilitate regular Earth Healing Meditation groups. I work as a national and international Psychic Tarot Card and Oracle Reader both for individuals and the corporate industry. I have been an  Empath and Clairsentient since childhood.

I’m a member of the Association of Speaker’s Clubs and regularly  give talks on a variety of club topics. I’m also active in the role of Topics Chairman and Evaluator.

About my talks...

My talk lasts approx. 1.5 hours including question time. If I over-run I charge £5.00 for each extra half-hour.

I’m a stand-alone speaker and only require a longish table and a bowl of water for my familiar ‘Bigg’s’ and an open minded audience!


I charge £45.00 for groups (approx. 40 or less) I currently will travel in a radius of 10 miles and can arrange transport for this distance. Beyond and up to a 50-mile radius I require transport from my home address in Urmston Greater Manchester to the venue and transport back.

(I would appreciate cash payment on the night)  I’m available day or evening.


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The Green Happy Hedgewitch

My Talk is in Two Parts. Part One is about The History of Witchcraft and lasts approximately one hour, at which point I would appreciate a comfort break of ten minutes after which, I will resume onto Part Two and give a practical demonstration of  The Witch’s Repertoire and examples of Spellcasting.

The History of Witchcraft

The word ‘Witch’ conjures up many images; in ancient times she was the Village Wise Woman, herbalist, nurse and midwife. In medieval times branded as evil, possessed special powers and cavorted with the devil who accompanied her in the form of a familiar. Other associations with witchcraft are broomsticks, cauldrons, black cats, hooked noses and warts.
In recent decades Hollywood has glamorised the Witch’s image from films like Bewitched to The Witches, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Today Witches are often portrayed as younger attractive women, who are shown to have control over others, possessing ancient powers to perform strange rituals, to make people fall in love; to gain revenge or acquire great wealth. Within these stories and images are micro elements of truth, but they are hidden by exaggerations, and huge fabrications.
To understand how these distortions came about, it is necessary to know something about the history of witchcraft.
In my presentation my purpose is to educate, enlighten and entertain. My talk covers: – The History of Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, and the Witch’s repertoire.
I hope to dispel 1000 year’s of misconceptions about witchcraft, including belief in the devil, hell and damnation and do some demystifying, debunking and fear busting on distortions the public still hold on jiggerry pokery




Jiggery Pokery and The Witch’s Repertoire

I will bring items to demonstrate the Witch’s Repertoire, including Ritual and divination tools and give some examples of spell-craft covering protection, love, and healing.
I will also display a selection of my Gothic Art and jewellery, which has often been divinely inspired by the Goddess.
I regularly give donations to my animal charities from workshops and crafts. There also will be a box for anyone wishing to give a donation to the latter, or buy an item. The Goddess  and the animals will bless you thank you.

‘And it harm none, so mote it be’.


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