Georgette Vale

Location: Wymondham, Norfolk
About me...

In semi-retirement from my profession as a tutor and manager in the field of Sensory Impairment, I am now combining my hobbies of history, drama and craft and I would love to share this with you.
On the Live History side I have created a series of one woman shows about notable Norfolk women in history. I also give tours and talks about my home town of Wymondham and in my spare time I make quilts, 3d Fabric Flowers and I give talks on those too.

About my presentations...

All you need to do is provide a table or two and a chair – I bring the rest. I don’t use PowerPoint.


My fee is £50 within a ten mile radius of my home in Wymondham.
For venues further afield, travel expenses are 30p per mile.

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My Live History Talks...

A Royal Visit from Queen Victoria

Her Majesty will visit your town and remind you about the events that have occurred during her long reign.

The Widow Kett

Alice is in the Abbey Church pondering on the events that happened in 1549 that led to her husband Robert being hanged as a rebellious traitor.

Ethel Gooch - Wymondham's First Lady

Mrs. Gooch will take you around Wymondham in 1952.
She will tell you about the changes in her lifetime, her work in the local community and as the wife a prominent Norfolk MP.
This can be done as a walk or as a talk.

Harriet Martineau – The Little Deaf Woman from Norwich

Harriet M with Ear Trumpet

Find out about this remarkable woman – A journalist, abolitionist, novelist, political economist, educationalist, pioneer sociologist. A Free Thinker.


Elizabeth Fry - Five o’clock Tea With Betsy

Join Mrs Fry in 1845 and hear her tell of her life as a Quaker and her work as a prison reformer, philanthropist, anti-slavery campaigner, and more besides….

Lucilla Reeve

I come as Miss Lucilla Reeve who tells the story of the wartime eviction of 800 people to make way for creation of the battleground training area in the heart of Norfolk. Miss Reeve reflects on her life as a land agent, farmer, dowser, writer, broadcaster, and a stalwart of the community which was changed forever.

Julian and Margery

I play both roles of these two medieval mystics and their contrasting characters. Julian of Norwich – the first known authoress in the English language and Margery Kempe – the first known autobiography in English. Whilst Julian remained enclosed in a small cell Margery rampaged across Europe. We share their visions and take a journey through their books.

Edith Cavell

We join Miss Edith Cavell in the early hours of the morning on the 12th October 1915 in cell 23 of the St Gilles prison, Brussels. This presentation was developed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the execution of this woman from Norfolk whose crime was to help save lives.

My Wymondham Walks and Talks...

I can give you an insight into the notable events and prominent people in this lovely market town. I can either do this in Wymondham itself or I can bring Wymondham to you.

My talk Ethel Gooch – Wymondham’s First Lady makes a popular Walk.

My Craft Talks...

Nativity Set Display

I bring you over 50 representations of the Nativity. The talk will cover history, geography, culture, art, craft, and a bit of drama thrown in. I will show you how I made some of my own and give you creative ideas for adults and children. Feel free to bring your own as well from family heirlooms to those made with more love than skill! Happy Christmas!

3d Fabric Flowers

I bring a display of wall hangings, decorations and wearable creations. I tell you how I have developed the craft and show you how to make some of them.

Patchwork & Quilting

I bring a car full of my own quilts and talk you through the history of the craft.

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