Gillian Edom

Location: Bognor Regis, West Sussex
About The Speaker...

For the last twenty years I have been employed in several roles in the heritage sector, as a field studies teacher and guided walk leader and currently work as a freelance oral historian.  I have also regularly given talks to a variety of audiences on several themes.

Throughout my life I have been totally distracted (often from other things) by my interest in the natural environment.  If I could live my life over again, I might have chosen to become an economic botanist and study the relationship between plants, people and cultures.  Still, I’ve managed to fit this passion into some of the gaps in my life and as a consequence of an obsession with nettles, I went on  to complete a postgraduate degree in Nettle Fibre Extraction and also wrote a book called From Sting to Spin: A history of nettle fibre.   I am, of course, fascinated by all wild plants and have collected and used them in my cooking for most of my adult life.

About my Talks...

I will provide a laptop and projector, which are essential for this talk, but I would appreciate the provision of a table and a screen or a suitable wall to project onto.

I can often fit in at short notice, it is always worth giving me a ring.


My fee is £50 within a 10 mile radius of Bognor Regis. Longer distances will be charged at 30p per mile.

My Contact Details:

01243 930081

Foraging for a Future

Foraging for food in the wild is not something most people feel comfortable doing without some help and guidance. My talk will introduce people to the benefits and hazards of foraging, some of the common ‘weeds’ that are edible and maybe even growing in the back garden, how to pick and cook them and why foraging for wild food is a skill that we might need to develop for the future.

Gillian Edom Contact Details:

01243 930081

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