Graham Loveluck-Edwards

Location: Rhoose, Cardiff
About The Speaker...

I am an historian, author and broadcaster based in Glamorgan, South Wales specialising in story telling, ancient myths, legends and folklore and Welsh history. I am best know for writing the best selling ‘Legends and Folklore of Bridgend and the Vale’ series of books, ‘Historic pubs of Wales’ and ‘Monica’. I also write regular columns for the Glamorgan Star newspaper and Buddy magazine, and present the history show, ‘History on your doorstep’ on Bro Radio. I make regular appearances as a Welsh history expert on various TV programmes. I also deliver lectures to schools and colleges.

About Their Talks...

My talks are generally light hearted. I try and keep them as entertaining as they are informative. Topics I cover are usually taken from history or folklore and can be delivered at a venue to suit you. Whether that’s in a hall with visual aids, or on the corner of a muddy field outside a place of historical interest. And everything in between.


For a 1 hour talk I usually charge £50 plus travelling expenses. This can increase if I need to dedicate additional time to researching and preparation.
My half day fee is £100 plus travelling expenses, or full day for £150 plus travelling expenses.

My Contact Details:

07711 118826

Welsh myths, folklore and legends

Wales has a rich tradition of ancient folklore. Throughout the centuries Welsh bards have brought us fantastic stories, poems and songs. And I have them all in my repertoire. Let me entertain you with some of the most magical and beguiling tales of feuding kings, hopeless lovers, cunning outlaws and fanciful beasts and creatures from the forests. Along with historical context to bring to life the hidden meanings.

I always tailor these talks to the area where I am delivering them to keep it local.

Crime & Punishment in Ancient Wales

We delve into the records to look at notorious criminals from Welsh history. What got them into hot water, how they were tried and by whom, the punishments doled out and the consequences and implications. Everything from political uprisings to pirates and highwaymen. And note taken from the records of the Star Chamber and the Glamorgan Asizes.

Historic Pubs of Wales

Every great, old pub has a back story. And most of them are mad. Like the one that claims to have an elephant buried in the beer garden, the one with a Roman bath in the cellar, the one where an assassination attempt was made on the life of Oliver Cromwell and many many more. To say nothing of the age old question; which is the oldest pub in Wales? Because we have 8 pubs which all claim its them!

So come with me on a virtual pub crawl of Wales’ oldest establishments. Hear the wild and fanciful and prepare to be amazed by how much of it is true.

Graham Loveluck-Edwards Contact Details:

07711 118826

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