Graham Short

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands
About me...

After leaving school at the age of 15, my first job was emptying the mouse-traps in a factory, for £2.17s 6p a week. Within 8 years I had the most envious and prestigious client list imaginable which included Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, The House of Commons, 10 Downing Street, Chanel and Yves St Laurent, among others. I am now working as a micro-artist and my work is sold to fine-art investors around the world.
I produce the smallest engravings in the world – such as The Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin and Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ along the sharp edge of a razor blade.

My presentation is certainly ‘different’ and is entertaining – more theatre than classroom

About my talk...

I offer a Power Point presentation lasting between 50 and 90 minutes. I am happy to provide a break part way through the talk if that is required.  I supply my own laptop and projector though I am fully aware that many organisations provide inhouse equipment  of which I  willingly  take advantage.


My fee is £150.00. plus reasonable travel expenses if more than 100 miles from my home in Birmingham.  I appreciate that smaller groups may struggle with this fee, so please contact me and we’ll see if we can arrive at an amicable compromise.

My Contact Details:

07812 083 911

The Man Who Creates Invisible Art (It sells for thousands of pounds yet you can't see it)

I knew the day I left school at the age of 15 without any qualifications, that I had already failed on an epic scale. The only positive memory I took from school, was of an inspiring English teacher, who explained how anyone could succeed at the highest level imaginable.
Inspired by this same taecher, two of my class-mates went on to become world-renowned rock musicians, another became an Olympic runner and another pupil is now a television household name. The teacher’s parting words, to me as I left school for the last time, were, “For the rest of your life, remember, if you want to achieve, you must think differently. Think the same as everyone else, and you will achieve just the same.”
This advice led me to securing the most enviable and prestigious client list imaginable, which included the Royal Family, The National Gallery, Rolls Royce, Chanel, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Richard Branson, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Kim Kardashian and many, many other celebrities.
I am now considered by multi-millionaire fine-art investors around the globe to be the most talented artist alive today. Of course I don’t believe it, but it’s good for my ego to hear this!
After carving The Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin, and engraving the words, ‘Nothing is Impossible’ along the sharp edge of a Wilkinson Sword razor blade, I have appeared in news, radio and television features internationally, and been the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary.
My last exhibition in Kelso, Scotland sold out in just two minutes. Just think about it…with sales of over £400,000 for art that was smaller than a red human blood cell and totally invisible to the naked eye!
I go to greater lengths than anyone else in the world in an effort to produce art on such a minute scale. Working from midnight to 5.00 am, to avoid vibration from passing traffic, I lower my pulse to 20 beats a minute, and while wearing a stethoscope – and with the aid of potassium, magnesium and beta-blockers – I engrave between heartbeats when I am perfectly still. Regular injections of Botox in my eyelids ensure there is no distraction from eye-muscles and nerves.
I will ensure that your guests are thrilled with your event and are left talking about it long after it ends.

What people say about my talk....

“What a character and what an artist! We had an amazing evening. We were privileged to be so richly entertained by him.”
Chislehurst Art Society
” It was an astonishing presentation – one of the best we have ever heard. Very well done and thanks so much.”
G P Publications, Stourbridge

“A most interesting and amusing talk. It was clear everyone enjoyed the evening from their attention and laughter. A wonderful evening!”

Kinver & Bobbington Supper Club
“Most enjoyable talk. Your honesty, frankness and funny stories added to the amazing presentation. We really had no idea what to expect.
Rosamond Farley, Tewkesbury


Testimonials & Reviews

“Graham was a last minute booking and he was fantastic. Very interesting and well presented! Lots of complimentary comments from our group. I would highly recommend him.”

Frances – January 2023


Graham Short Contact Details:

07812 083 911

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