Helen Frisby

Location: Bristol
About me...

With a PhD on Victorian funeral customs, I’m an internationally recognised expert on the history and folklore of death, dying and funerals. My most recent publication is the Shire Library book ‘Traditions of Death and Burial’ (Bloomsbury, 2019) – it’s the history of this topic that I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve also appeared on the History Channel with Johnny Vaughan, and on BBC radio talking about various historic funeral customs.

About my Talk...

I normally use a laptop with PowerPoint plus projector, but can also do standalone.


£50, plus travel expenses if venue is outside the Bristol (BS) postcode district. Accommodation by arrangement if overnight stay required.

My Contact Details:

07921 252 341

Traditions of Death and Burial

From sin-eating to soul-caking, ‘a penny for St Peter’ and cremation to eco-burial, my talks explore English funeral customs from the Middle Ages to the present day and into the future. I’m happy either to provide a general overview of this topic, or alternatively can focus on a particular time period and/or specific funeral customs – do please contact me to discuss your group’s requirements.

Based on my original PhD research, my scholarly yet accessible and gently humorous talks about funeral customs past, present and future will get your group thinking and talking about how exactly do we deal (or sometimes not?) with this inevitable fact of life.

Helen Frisby Contact Details:

07921 252 341

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