Jenny Bowen

Location: Bristol
About me...

My first job after graduating as an ecologist from Leeds University was in Africa – little did I know the importance of this on my life. As the permanent ecologist for Raleigh International in Zimbabwe I set up numerous conservation projects, managed hundreds of volunteers, collated scientific data and wrote many reports. And it was here that I promptly fell in love with the continent.

Since Zimbabwe I have led expeditions to Africa as well as other far-flung places, worked for a game capture unit in South Africa and set up conservation and community projects in Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland. This led me to setting up my own business organising specialist holidays to the dark continent. I now represent Eswatini here in the UK.

I have also helped set up the first terrestrial protected area in Vanuatu and has completed Action Plans for tourism sites in the Commonwealth of Dominica. I have a passion for conservation and in-depth knowledge about African wildlife and an obsession with giraffe having spent countless hours monitoring these animals and collecting their poo!

About my talks...

They are power point presentations, very visually stimulating, lots of African pictures. Talks can last from 20 minutes to an hour. I supply all of the equipment except a screen.


My fee is negotiable depending upon the size of the audience.

Starting figure is £80 plus modest travelling expenses if more than ten miles from my base in Bristol

My Contact Details:

01275 877172

1. The King and His 15 Wives - Swaziland, Africa in a Nutshell.

I spent a lot of time in Swaziland and I am the representative in the UK for The Kingdom. Swaziland is a little known country and people seem to pass through rather than stay. Let Jenny take you through the history and the highlights of Swaziland incorporating amusing anecdotal stories, bird and animal impersonations and why the King has so few wives (in comparison to his father).

2. How to Track African Wildlife - are you an Ace Tracker?

Jenny, from Sense Africa, will guide you through a wealth of knowledge about how to get the best out of an African safari, from what to wear and listen for to weird and wonderful facts about specific wildlife. Learn how to track animals and try out your new skills to see whether you are an ‘Ace Tracker’. There is a quiz at the end!

3. The Trials and Tribulations of Working in Africa

Jenny Bowen, Director of Sense Africa, runs a business that creates tailor-made holidays to southern Africa. Her business has been running for 11 years and even today she is amazed at how things work, or don’t, in the countries she operates in. Jenny will go through her highs and lows of operating in Africa with amusing and anecdotal stories including being chased by a hippo which she was trying to feed.

4. Christmas in Africa

Jenny Bowen, Director of Sense Africa, will talk through her first ever Christmas in Africa, during the worst drought Zimbabwe had experienced for decades, and will bring this to life with anecdotal stories and pictures.  There is also a quiz to see how much you know about an African Christmas and test your knowledge of African animal calls.  Jenny may do a few impersonations of animals herself!


5. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is a fascinating place to visit. Famous for its primate viewing of chimpanzees and gorillas, and its diverse landscapes, this country really packs a punch when it comes to experience. Let Jenny, Director of Sense Earth, guide you through the sights and sounds of Uganda to showcase what you can see and do in this inspiring country.

Jenny Bowen Contact Details:

01275 877172

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