John Hughes

Location: Andover, Hampshire
About me...

I am fascinated by the vast seabird colonies, now sadly depleted, that breed on the military island of Ascension in the South Atlantic. For 25 years I have collected field data to identify the causes of the population decline and I have published and presented my findings. I tracked our spy satellites from the island during the cold war and with the aid of colleagues from the Army Ornithological Society have used miniaturised versions of the equipment to track birds at sea. My citizen scientist endeavours were recognised, by the Ministry of Defence and I was presented with an environmental project award in 2018.

About my Talk...

My talk is illustrated with high quality colour digital images on Powerpoint and lasts about 50 minutes. Questions from the audience are always welcome. If necessary, I can bring my own computer and projector. I will need either a screen or a blank wall and a 6ft table for my display.


Starting figure is £50 plus travelling expenses @ 45p per mile if more than ten miles from my base in Andover.

My Contact Details:

01980 843467


My talk is targeted at those that have a general interest in wildlife on islands in the UK Overseas Territories and covers military history, avian science and seabird conservation. Ascension is a small volcanic island isolated in the middle of the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Gaining access is difficult. Predation and food shortages have caused the seabird population to decline dramatically. The avian science used to identify and mediate the causes of the population decline is the topic of my talk.

John Hughes Contact Details:

01980 843467

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