Jude Hayland

Location: Winchester Hampshire
About The Speaker...

I am a fiction writer with an extensive career that has spanned commercial magazine writing, teaching, tutoring and publishing four novels.
As a commercial short story writer, I was published extensively for over 25 years both nationally and internationally whilst also working in schools teaching English and Drama.
After completing an M.A. in Creative Writing, graduating with distinction, I began to write full length fiction. My first novel was published in 2017, my second in 2019, my third in 2022 and my fourth was published in November 2023. I am currently working on my fifth which I hope to complete by 2025.
My genre is Lit/Fic/Commercial crossover – and my novels have been widely enjoyed by book groups. They are all character-driven novels set either in the latter decades of the 20th century or the opening decade of the 21st.
I write a regular blog on all matters bookish and writerly and continue to tutor, to speak on aspects of creative writing and to run creative writing workshops and sessions.
I am an author ambassador for my publishers, Troubador, which enables me to offer advice and support for all fledgling writers, at whatever stage of their author career.

About Their Talks...

My talks are wide-ranging and can be adapted to fit a variety of audiences.
Essentially, they are based on my long writing career and my love for language and the written word. They also reflect my felt need to write and my belief in the power of writing as a way of coming to an understanding of self.
From magazine short stories, to full length novels, flash fiction and literary short stories, I have devoted decades to doing what I love – creating stories and characters, exploring situations and conflicts rooted in the domestic landscape.
I am an enthusiastic speaker eager to share my experiences as well as encouraging others to write.


£75 per talk.

Travel costs: either return train fare to Winchester or mileage for car @30 p a mile. No charge for anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Winchester.
Overnight charge of £80 for hotel expenses if distance is over 100 miles.

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Public Speaker in Hampshire, Jude Hayland presents her talk Write on!

An introductory talk on writing and what this creative activity can offer all of us in our lives.
Whether writing for pleasure, profit or personal achievement, writing offers everyone an intimate, consoling and satisfying experience at all stages of our lives.
I look at creative inspiration, stimulus, genre, form and motivation, by using my own personal experience as a writer and a teacher and offer practical suggestions so that it really is possible simply to Write on!


Public Speaker in Hampshire, Jude Hayland presents her talk There Are No Rules!

Writing simply defies rules. The myths about writers and writing are – well – simply myths!
In this talk, I look at identifying what kind of writer you might be and reflect on the practicalities of actually getting those words committed to paper or screen.
From my own personal viewpoint as an author of literary fiction/commercial/book group crossover novels, I explore my inspirations and what makes me the kind of writer that I am.
I go on to look at approaches to setting, characterization, method and process – and ultimately aim to break down anything and everything that you might have always believed about writers and writing.


Public Speaker in Hampshire, Jude Hayland presents her talk WRITING OUT OF THE RECENT PAST

How, why and when to set a novel – with reference to social, political and cultural contexts.

My four novels are all set in times that are now fixed in our memories. From 1983 – the setting of my most recent novel – to 2006/7 when my third novel takes place, I have deliberately chosen eras where my lived experience can influence the writing.
Why? Pure nostalgia, the wisdom of hindsight? My interest in social history?
Yes, and more.
This talk looks at what is gained by looking back and how the mood and tone of an era – however recent – influences our lives and our destinies.
By reflecting on the lives I offer my created characters and how these are impacted by the social and political contexts in which they are living, I hope to clarify my obsession and fascination with writing out of the recent past.

From Avid Reader to Ardent Writer, How Literature Conspires and Inspires my Writing

Public Speaker in Hampshire, Jude Hayland presents her talk From Avid Reader to Ardent Writer, How Literature Conspires and Inspires my Writing

I have been a reader my entire life. From the moment letters began to form words and trickle down into sentences, I have read. Widely and endlessly.
Writers are readers.
It’s a love of reading, of stories, of invented characters, that has led me to become a writer.
It’s a love of poetry, of language and literature that has influenced the kind of writing I choose to do, the novels I choose to write.
By reflecting both on my favourite writers and poets – from the 19th century through to the 21st. – and on my own character-driven novels, I aim to show the link between what I read and what I choose to write.

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