Kay Millward

Location: Mold, North Wales
About The Speaker...

Hi I am a storyteller and writer. I moved to North Wales, leaving behind my beloved Cornwall. Living in the market town of Mold, I find that I am close to some of the most beautiful scenery that has ever been invented. A different kind of beauty. Since moving here, I performed Story telling at the Eisteddfod Llangollen, in 2013. That was quite an honour for me one that I thoroughly enjoyed.
I am also a writer, retired from breeding horses, I find that I can write stories that embrace my passion. I can also talk on various subjects, not least the legend and history of Cornwall. My talks last about 50 – 60 mins, humourous and entertaining I have attended various venues in my capacity as a writer, libraries, schools, public venues. I also ran a Writers Circle in Cornwall for many years.

About my talks...

I can use CD or memory stick for some of the talks, but would need a computer and screen to show.


My fee is £50 plus expenses over 40 mile radius at 35p per mile.
Areas: North Wales, Mid Wales, Chester, Shrewsbury and area, Cornwall.

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Live the Dream

My passion is horses, not least the once famous Black Stallion that galloped across a Cornish beach for the Lloyds Bank Advertisement. I will tell you how this advertisement was made, what led up to it, and the outcome. Of course about my book too. The Stallion used was a Trakehner, Beatos really was a beautiful horse, as I will tell you, and he belonged to me. He was a breeding stallion that I bought from Germany, he was magnificent. Let me tell you his story.


Mary Queen of Scots

A talk of the famous Queen and her demise in 1587.
This talk is full of interesting historical facts, she was a betrayed reigning monarch, in fact she was kidnapped and raped by one of the Scottish Nobles. When she was killed a large part of Scots didn’t really care, she was of no use to them. To behead her was to make a point to the French, not the Scots.


The Legends and History of Cornwall

I will take you on a journey through the moors and hills of Cornwall. Legend is rife, superstition and folklore abound. If you love Cornwall you will love this talk. The talk has humour of the Cornish kind for you to enjoy. Drawing on my knowledge of Cornwall from my life there.


How to be a Writer.

The pitfalls, rejection and how to deal with it.
Drafting a story, characterisation, dialogue, mistakes, print ready and what that means. Self Publishing as against Traditional. If you have a gift putting together a string of words and making sense of them, plenty of imagination and dedication, then you could be a writer waiting to be discovered. Everyone has at least one story in them, and sometimes that is all some writers do. One story, but if it’s the right one, it can be a success. With my first hand knowledge of submitting manuscripts, preparation and the writing, my talk will inspire those that wish to be inspired.

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