Lynda Thompson

Location: West Swindon, Wiltshire
About me...

I originally began giving slide-illustrated presentations to raise the cost of my participation as a member of staff on a scientific youth expedition. They proved so popular that, since then, my ongoing adventurous travels, where related to charitable bodies, have been funded almost entirely by donations made by my audiences – otherwise I would have been unable to afford to take part. In this way I have been able to give my time, skills and energy to a number of scientific projects over the years, and have participated in some uniquely interesting trips.

My experience as a photographer and speaker has been sustained now for over 25 years. Realising the power in this type of medium, I like to use my contact with audiences to inspire others to push the edges of their own personal comfort-zones and to enthusiastically seek out new interest, knowledge and skills. I believe that being unstoppably curious about the world around you is the best way to learn – to want to see, to feel, to know…. what’s down here? through there?… why? how? – and I love to pass on this “bug”, whatever the age or previous experience of my audience. Science, geography and history too, as I now know, are not just subjects to be learned from dusty old books, but rather are still out there, waiting to be discovered, and made, through a true sense of adventure.

About my talks...

I present my topics supported by projected images, music and a display of books, maps, artefacts, etc. I will gladly take advantage of facilities available at the venue, or I can provide all the equipment necessary.


I charge £1.50 per person, in order to be accessible even to small groups, with any sum beyond £50 at the host’s discretion (plus your usual travel rate if outside Swindon). I am happy to travel within Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, and further afield if suitable arrangements can be agreed.

*I am particularly keen to provide any of my equestrian-themed presentations ‘expenses only’, where it is part of a fund-raising event for my chosen charity, the Riding for the Disabled Association.

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Horsemanship 4 Humanship

Applying the principles of great horsemanship to our human relationships offers huge insights – for the workplace or at home. The horses’ pure, honest, and in-the-moment feedback acts as our mirror – they have no hidden agenda, they say it like they find us. There is no requirement for any specific equestrian knowledge: crocodile-whispering works just the same! Suitable for specialist training with companies and organisations, or for general interest.

What the Devil........?

In Tasmania, the  face that only a mother could love is facing a devil of a problem…. a highly contagious cancer, Devil Facial Tumour Disease. Can a cure be found? Are there enough Devils still alive? Can the iconic species be saved from extinction? Why should they be saved? What makes them so crucial to Tasmania’s wilderness, forests and farmland?

Operation Raleigh: Fiordland, New Zealand

Participation as staff in the youth expedition’s scientific, community and adventure projects across one of the world’s wettest, most rugged and remote large wilderness areas, now a World Heritage Park.

In the ‘Eye of the Wind’: by Tallship to Tenerife

Crewing a genuine old brigantine from the UK to the Canaries across stormy winter seas, following the old sea-trade routes and living the old sea-trade sailors’ life, out of sight of land for over two weeks.

Earthwatch: Alaska’s Taiga River Life

Scientific field research project to study the health of taiga streams by gathering data on aquatic invertebrates. The understanding of this natural habitat is crucial for our planet’s future – 1/5 of the Earth’ land is taiga.

Earthwatch: Moose and Wolves of Isle Royale

Scientific field research project, bushwhacking through the most remote wilderness in the US outside of Alaska, to gather data for the world’s longest-running predator-prey relationship study: collecting moose bones and wolf scat!

Far from the Tubab Trail

Staying with a family in a rural village in The Gambia, as part of a cultural exchange: life without electricity, running water or health-care, sharing their traditional home with an extended Muslim family.

Tigers’ Destiny

Producing a report on the methods and effects of an education project carried out in rural villages surrounding Ranthambhore National Park in India, and to present proposals for future efforts to save the tiger there.

Western Equitation

An introduction to the ridden and horsemanship skills, equipment and methods, classes and competitions involved in Western equitation in the UK, with references to the history of its evolution and to its value to the modern rider.

Wagon Train Across Wyoming

Driving on a train of twenty wagons along dusty tracks of the Outlaw Trail and circling to camp at the Hole in the Wall. (NB. This presentation makes some interesting historical links with the topic ‘In the Eye of the Wind’)

Tatanka Chante’ Memorial Unity Ride

A Native American spiritual journey on foot and horseback, from Spirit Lake in North Dakota, in memory of former Ride participants and to bring healing to families who lost children in a school tragedy at Red Lake in Minnesota.

On request, any of these subjects can be biased to accommodate particular audiences’ interest, age-group or aim. For educational purposes, useful follow-up activities can be suggested and discussed.
The Earthwatch themes can be also presented together, as a general introduction to the charity’s work, with a mixture of slides from the three projects: why not donate your body to science…for a fortnight?!
In addition to the slide-illustrated presentation, a table-top display of artefacts, clothing, equipment, diaries, albums, etc., is available, offering pointers for further interest, question and discussion. Simple, black-and-white posters/flyers are available for each topic if required.

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