Mark Barron

Location: West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire
About me....

I finished work in 2016 after 37 years as a geologist, making beautiful maps packed with information about rocks and landscapes. My earth science interests have now branched out into historic stone uses ranging from Italian Renaissance sculpture to English churches. I also volunteer for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, bake bread and get into the countryside with my wife as often as possible.

About my Talks...

My talks are both illustrated with PowerPoint slides.  The presentations last 45-50 minutes, plus question time if required and both can be shortened or lengthened if necessary. I require a digital projector, ideally with an HDMI input, a screen and, in a larger hall, a microphone. I can bring my own laptop. I have a few small exhibits for both talks so I need a table.


My fee is donated to charity –  £40 plus travelling expenses (40p/mile) if more than ten miles from my base in south Nottinghamshire.  I am a member of U3A and so, although I am happy to come and talk, I won’t be able to accept any form of a fee.

My Contact Details:

07857 529054

 “We’re going to the pictures” – comedy confusion and the wisdom of the Solomons

A trip through a classic sitcom, a quirk of English and a voyage to the south Pacific, with chilling anthropology, intriguing folk-art, famous history, exotic wildlife, menacing volcanoes and a little lesson in linguistics.

NB: This PowerPoint presentation includes a video clip with sound, but if there is not the audio facility available, I have ways around it.

Carrara marble – Michelangelo’s greatest love

This story has almost everything – extraordinary human endeavour, amazing science including the death of oceans and raising of mountains, fascinating engineering, over 2000 years of human history including megalomaniac popes, ambitious dukes, lots of money, and nudity, albeit as some of the world’s greatest art made from its finest natural material.

Mark Barron Contact Details:

07857 529054

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