Mervyn Linford

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk
About me...

I am an author, poet and publisher with the not-for-profit small press – Littoral Press. I write mostly

about the environment, natural history, farming, country pursuits, the weather, poetry, the arts,

local history and country life in general. My poetry is mostly about nature and spirituality in its widest sense – but not exclusively.

A smaller percentage of my work concerns itself with socio/political and satirical matters.

About my Talks and Readings...

My talks and readings are about my poetry concerning the people, places, local and natural history of East Anglia.
I also do a talk and reading from a book of mine entitled Meaderings which follows the pagan wheel of the year (sabbats) along the banks of the
River Chelmer from Paper Mills to Heybridge Basin


My fee is just £50, although I will have to make a moderate charge for my fuel if the distance from Lavenham is more than 25 miles.

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-Talks & Readings-


Public Speaker Mervyn Linford from Suffolk speaks about Meaderings

The book length poem Meanderings is a seasonal journey in poetry and photographs along the Chelmer/Blackwater Navigation from Paper Mills near Little Baddow to the sea lock at Heybridge Basin and Collier’s Reach beyond in the Blackwater Estuary. It’s divided into eight sections that follow the traditional Wiccan Sabbats: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas and Mabon. In an age when more and more people are feeling the need to reconnect with the natural environment these divisions of the year can give us a sense of belonging and communion with the natural world that’s difficult to appreciate in modern urban and technological societies.

East Anglian Miscellany

Poems and talk about the people, places, local and natural history etc. of East Anglia - Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

Public Speaker Mervyn Linford speaks about Essex and Suffolk - People, Places, Nature, Local History and more......

I have been writing and publishing poetry for nearly fifty years. Approximately 70% of my work is nature orientated. The other 30% concerns itself with various topics allied to my socio/political and economic interests – satire is never far away from these concerns. East Anglian Miscellany is both a talk and a poetry reading. The nature, people, places, history and many other aspects of this diverse and contrasting area where I have lived for almost a lifetime come together to paint a picture in words and poetic imagery that hopefully conjures something of its unique and inspirational characteristics. The music and the meaning of words will drift in and out of the imaginative spaces both virtual and real from the Thames to the Waveney, from the Broadlands to the Brecklands and from the Suffolk Stour to the Essex saltings.

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