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Mike Scott Rumble worked in the public sector for 50 years, both as a Police Officer and in local government. His last post was a Head of the Parks Police Service in Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham. He is currently Chairman of the White Lion Society (Friends of HM College of Arms). He is a Green Flag scheme Judge (Parks & Gardens) and Independent Person on the Standards Committee of a local District Council. He has a passionate interest in Heraldry, Police History, Airships, Uniforms, badges and memorabilia as well as being a competent artist and illustrator. He is able to provide his own projector and equipment for talks and always has an interesting tale to tell !

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Mike speaks on a range of subject specialising in Heraldry and allied topics; The history of British airships; Policing and Public Parks and Gardens. Illustrated with powerpoint slides and including video and audio inserts where appropriate. Talks can be tailored to the time available but usually last for an hour followed by questions.


Talks start at £45 + Travelling at 30p a mile over a 15 mile radius. Please contact for talks over 50 miles away and where overnight accommodation may be needed.

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Lucky Breeze – The rise and fall of the British Airship Service

Public Speaker in West Sussex Mike Scott Rumble presents his talk Lucky Breeze – The rise and fall of the British Airship Service

Between 1918 and 1930 Major George Herbert Scott CBE, AFC was the pre-eminent airship pilot and engineer of his generation. After commanding the first two way transatlantic airship flight in HMA R34 in 1919 he went on to become Assistant Director of Airship Development (Flying and Training). He designed the mooring masts for the R100 and R101 and was appointed Officer in Charge of what was to become the last flight of the R101, which sounded the death knell for the crew, the passengers and the airship industry. Scott displayed a tendency to ‘press on’ in the face of adversity and lead from the front, however was it bad planning or political imperatives that led to that final journey of no return ?

The Colour of Heraldry

Public Speaker in West Sussex Mike Scott Rumble presents his talk The Colour of Heraldry

Heraldry could be described as the shorthand of history, depicting the stories of Royalty, Noble families, Organisations, Governments and ordinary people in vivid and colourful displays, which can be read and interpreted at a glance. It is also to be found all around us, if you know where to look. The illustrated talk will provide an introduction to the basics, the minimal number of rules to be followed and then takes a meandering path through its use in battle, the elaborate and sometimes confusing usage in Georgian and Victorian times, to its modern display in corporate identity, advertising and civic ceremonial. The work of the College of Arms and the modern day Heralds will also be covered. The Speaker is the Chairman of the White Lion Society who are the’ friends’ group for HM College of Arms. He has been a fan of Heraldry since a schoolboy, having been introduced to the topic through the pages of ‘Look and Learn’ magazine and the heraldic artwork of Dan Escott.


Public Speaker in West Sussex Mike Scott Rumble presents his talk VIVAT REGINA

The Heraldry, Flags, Signs and Symbols of Her Majesty’s Reign 1952 – 2022 Visual symbolism played a very important part in the seventy year reign of HM Queen Elizabeth Discovering events from the Festival of Britain to the Platinum Jubilee, this colourfully illustrated talk will examine the many variations of Royal symbolism, from Military uniform; the Heralds and Officers of Arms; to Coronation and Jubilee souvenirs. It will also give an insight into the role of some of the more unusual of the Queen’s servants and examine what will be changing during the reign of King Charles III. The Speaker is Chairman of the White Lion Society (The Friends group for HM College of Arms) and has been fascinated by Heraldry, badges, flags and graphic art for many more years than he cares to remember.

The Heraldry of Kensington and Chelsea

Public Speaker in West Sussex Mike Scott Rumble presents his talk The Heraldry of Kensington and Chelsea

Whilst it is the smallest geographical Borough in London; at 5 square miles; it is also one of the most culturally and economically diverse in the UK. Its residents have included G.K. Chesterton, Frederick Leighton, David Beckham and many of the rich and the famous. Its story can be told through the many examples of personal and civic heraldry found across the Royal Borough including the civic regalia found within the Mayor’s Parlour, to which the speaker has had unparalleled access. The story of the development of local government and the influence of such luminaries as Lord Cadogan and Sir Hans Sloane, who founded both the British Museum and The Natural History Museum, will also be examined.

130 Queen Victoria Street

Public Speaker in West Sussex Mike Scott Rumble presents his talk 130 Queen Victoria Street

Founded by King Richard III, His Majesty’s College of Arms has occupied the same building, in what is now Queen Victoria Street, since the 1670’s. The College has regulated the use of Coats of Arms and faithfully recorded them since that time and continues to do so, as well as granting new Arms to individuals, institutions and commercial enterprises. The Kings of Arms, Heralds and Pursuivants also carry out their ancient and statutory duties at Coronations, Royal Funerals and the State opening of Parliament, dressed in their historic tabards and carrying their batons of office. The illustrated talk will take you behind the scenes at the College, examine the steps in granting a coat of arms and display some of the unique and colourful examples of the art and science of heraldry.

A Walk in the Park

Public Speaker in West Sussex Mike Scott Rumble presents his talk A Walk in the Park

For ten years the speaker headed up the policing of over ninety parks, gardens, cemeteries and open spaces in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The talk will look at the history of public parks, the evolution of the ‘Parkie’ from Victorian times to a specialist policing unit. The talk will also include some of the amusing and unusual events encountered in that decade. These included the visit of the Emperor of Japan; hosting the Olympic Torch, together with the mystery of the disappearing python; the case of the Rochester cat, the incredible spurting man and the middle eastern potentate – amongst others. An unusual and amusing talk is assured.

Mike Scott Rumble Contact Details:

07579 048681

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