Neil Smith

Location: Horwich, Bolton
About Neil Smith Guitarist and Public Speaker...

Neil is a world-travelled guitarist who, drawing on his unique experiences gives three talks in the North-West of England. He has been entertaining WI’s, Rotary, Probus and other similar organisations with his talks for several years. He is also available as an after dinner speaker.

About his talks...

Neil brings his acoustic guitar, so no props are required. The talks can, in fact, be delivered without the guitar accompaniment if that is what’s required.


£50 plus modest travelling expenses unless venue is within ten miles of my home address in Horwich, near Bolton.

My Contact Details:

07818 431575

Beyond the Iron Curtain

This talk takes us back to the USSR as Neil innocently plays his music there…. however, the Secret Police and others know that before his music career, Neil was a specialist for the MoD. He was followed around and even arrested for taking a photograph – which can be seen! Rare items on show and astonishing facts and figures revealed.  A Rotary Chairman said ‘It is the most interesting talk I can ever remember hearing.’



Have Guitar Will Travel

The name of this talk reflects the name of Neil’s book. He goes to Rome and plays his guitar for Elizabeth Taylor and Geraldine Chaplin. In Greece he meets a war-hero and in Hungary he plays for the Red Army at Attila’s castle. In Belfast a Molotov-cocktail is thrown at his taxi and in Newbury a killer dashing from the police tries to stab him. No-one has stories like these and Neil plays appropriate music extracts on his guitar. The Musician magazine declared ‘Not many, I imagine are more entertaining’


Photo: Neil speaking in Austria

1000 Years of the Guitar

From the Crusades to The Shadows.

Neil looks at the music of Kings, Queens and their subjects from Europe, Persia and the New World with the widest variety of music ever.

Testimonials & Reviews


” A very interesting talk this evening at WI thank you”

Mary- WI – April 2022

Neil Smith Contact Details:

07818 431575

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