Norman Harris

Location: Preston, Lancashire
About the Speaker...

Now retired from British Aerospace where he was the Assistant Engineering Manager on the Tornado ADV. He’s flown 7 miles high and pulled 6G in a Tornado. He went truck driving around Europe for a year when he retired driving 17 and 38 ton trucks ‘just for the hell of it’.His hobbies are fell walking, painting, computing and classic car restoration.
A few years ago he rode his Harley-Davidson across the USA from Philadelphia to San Francisco and back; He’s recently returned from trekking the Himalayas to Everest Base camp; the High Andes in Peru to Machu Picchu. He’s recently ridden from Las Vegas to Sturgis in South Dakota to attend the biggest motorcycle rally in the world and crewed a square-rigged sailing ship 6000 miles out in the Atlantic, but as they say, that’s another story…..

About his Talks...

All talks are PowerPoint projected video and last about 45/50 minutes with high quality photographs and some video sequences but can be lengthened/shortened to fit your requirements. Screen and sound system provided.  Area covered: Lancashire, southern Lake District and northern Cheshire. Other areas considered.


My fee is £50.00 plus a travel allowance if more than ten miles from my home in Preston. If your group is very small and you would struggle to afford my fee, please contact me and we can make a compromise.
Also, please note that I may be  available at short notice.



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China: A long way to go for a Chinese! 

What an experience! See Shanghai, the Terracotta warriors, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Beijing and so much more that  will amaze you.

Impressions of the wonders of South East Asia

That’s Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos What an astounding area of the world! So many beautiful temples, including the biggest temple in the world at Angkor Wat, the magnificent Halong Bay with its 2000 limestone columns and caves, the largest lake in Asia and the obligatory crazy drivers!

Holy cow! India is SO amazing and different!

A trip around northern India taking in Delhi, Mumbai and Agra with visits to astonishing temples, enormous palaces and forts and the Taj Mahal of course. You also get to see the ‘other’ darker side of India

Norway Land of….Surprises

Come and visit the most northerly point in Europe, see the amazing glaciers, mountains, fjords and of course the midnight sun. Meet the Sami people with their reindeers and of course, see the wonderful ‘Northern Lights’ just like I did!

USA Coast to Coast to Coast by Harley-Davidson

Not just a motorcycle-orientated presentation, but a travelogue of my solo ride 9000 mile across the USA, staring with the reason for going, the 100th anniversary celebrations of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee. The celebrations are a relatively small part of the presentation which moves on to parts of the USA that the typical visitor to the USA would not see, like the Meteor Crater, Painted Desert, Route 66 etc.

Machu Picchu – the Hard Way! Trekking the High Andes.

The story of my 43 mile trek through the High Andes at up to 16500ft to visit the legendary ‘lost city of the Incas’ Machu Picchu. Presentation includes a visit to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500ft, to visit the floating island homes of the Uros Indians, life on the Alti Plano, the mysteries and theories about Machu Picchu itself.

Sailing the Atlantic with the Jubilee Sailing Trust-The work of the JST

My account of the working of the Jubilee Sailing Trust and my 4000+ mile voyage from Nova Scotia to the Azores and to the River Thames on board the Lord Nelson, a magnificent 500 ton square-rigged sailing ship. The Trust enables able-bodied people and people of all types of disabilities to experience life at sea working together and taking a full part in the ship’s operation and to have a lot of enjoyment at the same time!

Gasping for breath in the Himalayas.

The story of my 63 mile trek up to Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas. Lots of photos and stories about the cities, towns, culture and people of Nepal and the story of the trek itself culminating at the famous Base Camp at 17,500ft!

Destination Sturgis: Through the deserts and canyons of the Western USA

The story of my 3200 mile trip on a Harley-Davidson through the Bryce, Zion and Red canyons, the deserts and mountains of the western USA to visit Sturgis in South Dakota for the biggest motorcycle in the world with 500,000 bikers. A travelogue, it’s not all about motorcycles!

The Pacific Coast Highway: Getty and Giants

A trip from Los Angeles, with visits to the Getty Villa and Museum, and as far north as the Canadian Border taking in the spectacular coastline of California and Oregon and the amazing  giant Sequoia ‘Avenue of the Giants’ (300ft high trees) returning via the mountains and the Napa Valley in the centre of California.

Hong Kong - Where East meets West

A short history of Hong Kong followed by trip around Hong Kong Island taking you from the spectacular views from the Victoria Peak, the serenity of the Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping and the ancient fishing village of Tai O to the hustle and bustle of the City with its markets and it’s millions of people.

Atlantic to Pacific-The story of the Panama Canal

The story of the Panama Canal taking you from the original French ideas to the USA’s undertaking with its immense construction problems to the Canal as it is now and experience a wonderful trip through the Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


New York, New York - So great they named it twice!

Come with me to visit the ‘city that never sleeps’ The story of New York city, getting about, the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Centre, the Canyons and Times Square plus lots more!

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