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Location: Sheffield
About The Speaker...

I studied American History as a mature student and have continued to travel and research my talks. I have been a regular presenter for over 8 years to groups that include U3a’s, Historical Societies, Rotary and Probus groups. Feedback has been excellent the talks are well presented and adaptable for the target audience.

About Their Talks...

I use a PowerPoint presentation to highlight interesting features of the talk, they last aprox 45 – 50 mins. They are deliberately formated to be both topical and accurate withpout being overly academic or repetitive. I think audiences appreciate the light hearted delivery and feedback has been excellent.


A flat fee of £45 is applied. A small charge for travel may be applicable for journeys beyond one hour.

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American Presidents: The Good….The Bad…and the Ugly.

A light hearted look at some of the more interesting Presidents, how they came to power and what was happening in their era. What did they achieve, why did they fail, does history show them to be exceptional, atrocious or just plain ordinary. The talk also covers the background to how the position of President evolved and its relevance with American History.

Andrew Carnegie: America in the Gilded Age

Carnegie became the richest man in the world in March 1901 when he sold his steel empire for $440 million to J P Morgan. He was celebrated for building over 2600 Carnegie Libraries, unquestionably becoming one of the world’s greatest philanthropists. Yet little is known of his remarkable life story, a true visionary figure, a prolific writer, an arch anti-imperialist in the turbulent politics of late 19th century America and for 30 years a leading advocate of peace through arbitration. The talk examines his life in the context of America in the period 1870 to 1910

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