Stephen Flinders

Location: Ilkeston Derbyshire
About me...

Stephen has been on the speaking circuit since 2008 presenting on a variety of subjects including Local, Industrial, Social and Family History.
Based near Ilkeston in Derbyshire he is a very active member of the Ilkeston and District Local History Society. Stephen has also participated in the production of several publications, either by himself or on behalf of his local history society.

About my talks...

My current program covers local, family, social and industrial history. All are powerpoint presentations except a couple which utilise film footage as dvd. I carry all my own equipment but am happy to use any in-house equipment if available.


I currently charge £40 plus mileage if more than ten miles from my home in Sandiacre, Derbyshire.

My Contact Details:

0115 854 8373


Terror From The Skies - January 1916: The Night The Zeppelins Came.

In the early hours of January 31st 1916 Nine German airships took off from their bases on the north German coast with orders to attack Liverpool. None ever reached their targets but the death and destruction they wrought across central England became known as the ‘Great Midlands Zeppelin Raid’.


Catherine Crompton's Diary

In 1865 Catherine married a member of one of Derbyshire’s wealthiest
From 1867 till 1897 she kept a diary.
But was there more to her story than first meets the eye?

The Life and Travels of Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker

(Or what do the Battle of Trafalgar, an African Princess and my wife have in

A Family History presentation along the lines of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?

Stanton - Gone But Not Forgotten (The Story of the Iron Dale).

Situated between Nottingham and Derby the works once occupied an area of over three square miles and employed upwards of 10,000 workers. This is a potted and sometimes humorous history of the Stanton Iron Works.

The History Beneath Our Feet

In 2001 a chance comment by an Ilkeston resident led to the discovery of Ilkeston’s first major archaeological discovery.
Over a period of four years, members of the local history society uncovered the remains of two hitherto unknown structures and a wealth of archaeological material which provided a unique insight into the town’s past.

A Taste of Tudor Ilkeston

Utilising Parish Records, Wills, Court Rolls and the oldest known map of Ilkeston (dated 1598), gain an insight into what day to day life was like in a typical 16th Century village.

Stanton on Film

Ever wondered how an iron works operated?
This presentation utilises film footage, some of which was taken in the 1930s, shows how one of the largest industries in Derbyshire once operated.

This presentation is a DVD – the original film having been transferred to disk.

Stanton at War 1939-1945

Utilising remarkable film footage taken in 1943 this presentation tells the story of Stanton’s contribution to armaments production during the Second World War.

This presentation is a DVD – the original film having been transferred to disk.

OWD ILSON (or to those from further afield 'Old Ilkeston')

A light hearted introduction to the history of this ancient Derbyshire town.

Stephen Flinders Contact Details:

0115 854 8373

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