Stewart Jeffrey Linford

Location: Swindon Wiltshire
About The Speaker...

Building from scratch a multi-million £ furniture making business in High Wycombe that won him the Queen’s Award and the Freedom of the City of
London. As an award winning member of Toastmasters International Speakers club he is a maestro of interactive and exciting story telling whatever
the occasion.
He created a Winston Churchill armchair in the early noughties, people said he looked a bit like the great Man; That started an exciting journey as a
Churchill lookalike culminating in his magnum opus: The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill.
Stewart loves enthralling his audiences drawing on decades of experience creating luxury in wood, a degree in wood science and a degree in
education. He is a member of the International Churchill Society and President of Thamesdown Speakers Club of Royal Wootton Bassett.

About Their Talks...

I love entertaining all kinds of groups and clubs including: WI, U3A, Rotary, 41 Club, Historical Societies, Literary Lunch Clubs, WWII Re-enactment, City Livery Companies and Masonic.


My fees are £75 – £150 depending on the size of the audience, plus travel costs @ 55p per mile.
That includes myself and my sound Creative: Roger.

My Contact Details:

07468 493253

The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill

Our Magnum Opus: An illustrated story of the Greatest Briton from his early life to immortality, laced with humour, featuring; speechs, political put-downs, stories and
aphorisms, all enhanced with appropriate attire. Plus sound effects and music by my Sound Creative; Rog

The Remarkable Story of Our National Chair: The Windsor:

Unveiling a series of exceptional pieces of craftsmanship Stewart explains the evolution of chair making through his uniquely humorous stories.
The inside accounts of dealing with clients from Rock stars to Royalty, plus his distinctive take on historic British heroes and events.
Stewart Has delivered this interactive talk hundreds of times to appreciative audiences throughout the Southern half of England.

The Art of The Limited Edition

The inside story of creating the unique pieces of craftsmanship in wood than won the Queen’s Award. An illustrated journey from inspiration to delivery.
The interactive talk reveals the artist’s work, the trials & tribulations of building a succesful business in the ultimate quality of handcrafted wooden furniture.

Early English Woodlands brought to life

150 years ago a fascinating cottage industry was hard at work creating everyday products in an ultimately sustainable way, in the woodalnds of England.
Watch and listen as we draw back the curtain of time to reveal the crafts, tales and humour of our highly skilled native artisans

Stewart Jeffrey Linford Contact Details:

07468 493253

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