Tony Cunliffe

Location: Salford Greater Manchester
About The Speaker...

Hi, I’m Tony Cunliffe, a retired Financial Adviser, Author and Speaker, from Salford Greater Manchester.
I am a Volunteer Walk Leader in the Salford and Wigan areas and am out walking most days.

A Shroud of Turin enthusiast and a member of the British Society of the Turin Shroud (BSTS)

My fascination with the Shroud of Turin led me to write my latest book

“The Case of the Missing Body – an Investigation into the Mysteries of the Shroud of Turin.

About Their Talks...

Since publication, I’ve also been sharing the evidence about The Shroud of Turin I’ve found by talking about,
“The Case of the Missing Body Live!”


I charge a standard £50 plus mileage over 10 miles from my home in Salford, Greater Manchester

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The Case of the Missing Body Live!

Public Speaker in Salford Greater Manchester Tony Cunliffe talks about The Turin Shroud in The Case of the Missing Body Live!

This talk is based on my latest book “The Case of the Missing Body – An Investigation into the Mysteries of the Shroud of Turin” I invite my audience to join me in our investigation as we take a close look at the Shroud of Turin, examine the Science, identify the mysteries, see what the Bible says, follow the history and consider an explanation as to what may have caused the mysterious superficial image.
Whatever their beliefs I encourage my audience to keep an open mind as we examine the evidence the Shroud provides about the missing body.

At the end, is decision time as the audience is invited to vote on what they think by Secret Ballot.

This talk which includes time for Questions takes about an hour

Testimonials & Reviews


“Tony’s subject is always thoroughly researched and delivered in an engaging manner.
He will hold your attention and usually lead you to draw your own conclusions about the subject in hand.
Thoroughly recommended.”

Richard – June 2024


“A very interesting and thoughtful talk, glad I went.”

Carol – May 2024


“Tony is an excellent speaker who is dedicated to his chosen subject with a great deal of conviction and enthusiasm.
His original visit to see the actual shroud of Turin brought about a life changing and religious experience that persuaded him to look into the baffling mystery surrounding the shroud and write his own book about the subject. All told, a very interesting read and very well worth a visit to listen to one of Tony’s lectures.”

Michael – May 2024


“Tony gave his talk with confidence and fluently. He highlighted various interesting features of his subject.”

Graham – April 2024


“Not knowing much about the Shroud other than it existed, Tony’s presentation unraveled a few questions I had about the authenticity of the Shroud. A well researched presentation, professionally delivered with an interesting finale which certainly generated a good discussion amongst the audience on the night after the talk.”

Michael – April 2024


“Tony comes across as an accomplished speaker, very knowledgeable on his subject manner, and with a warm and engaging manner.”

David – March 2024


“Fantastic exploration of a subject I knew little about but Tony took us through the findings and evidence in a professional way allowing us to make our minds up for the final vote. A brilliant format to present the subject to a general audience.”

Elizabeth – February 2024

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