Allan Rimmer

Location: Lutterworth, Leicestershire
About Allan Rimmer...

Aged 60 and facing life after redundancy, I thought of a myriad of alternatives.  When others thought me mad, I believed that opportunities were waiting to be had.  My wife Stephanie wanted security and stability, but was persuaded to leap into the unknown and when the chance for a ‘gap year’ arose, together we took a deep breath and made it all happen.  The Grey Gap Year speech, is the story of how we planned and prepared for and then moved to the French Alps, and managed a ski chalet for the winter – two oldies surviving in a world of youngsters!

About his Talk...

The Grey Gap Year talk is more suitable for an older audience.  I prefer to use some slides to illustrate my talk and so a projector and screen would be appreciated.  My voice will carry but am happy to use a microphone if required.  My talk will last 45 minutes more or less  and am happy for any Qs and As.  I live in the East Midlands but willing to travel a reasonable distance.


Starting figure is £95 plus modest travel costs if more than 40 miles from my home in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

My Contact Details:

07980 138214

The Grey Gap Year

When Allan Rimmer comes home to Stephanie, his wife of 36 years, with the news that he is to be made redundant, all hell lets loose.  Allan believes this to be the opportunity of a lifetime.  Stephanie sees it only as, The End.

The bad news arrives with only 10 days to go before Christmas.  There had been a withdrawal of government funding.  The company would cease to trade.  There were to be wholesale redundancies.  For Allan, the only possible reaction was a positive one, ‘from problems come opportunities’ and when they go to bed that night he quickly sinks into a deep sleep and dreams of sunnier climes, of foreign travel and adventures.  Stephanie tosses and turns most of that first night and dwells only on their forthcoming poverty and, The End.  As the days pass and they begin to take stock of their situation they reach an understanding about doing some of those things they’d always wanted to do, while they can still do them…….

Allan Rimmer Contact Details:

07980 138214

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