Brian Barber

Location: Northleach, Gloucestershire
About me...

I have spent the last 15 years working as an Aid Worker mostly in Africa with one trip to Afghanistan.
The work has been based around radio stations and allied Information setups in war zones.

About my Talks...

The Countries that are covered include Rwanda, Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and DRC (Congo)
The talks range from being rescued by the French Special Forces in the middle of a battle in Monrovia, capital of Liberia, to helping clear a mass grave in Rwanda. Most of the work is much more mundane such as working with the locals to create their radio stations.

Talks last approx 45 minutes and are full of photographs.


My fee is £40 but I will negotiate downwards if you are a small club and struggling to afford your public speakers. I travel normally within the counties of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire though I am happy to discuss travelling further afield.

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Radio stations under fire in Liberia

Charles Taylor declared I was from the CIA and had two secret policemen follow me at all times. The rebels attacked and we were rescued by the French Special Forces, but within 3 months we were back to complete our task of building 25 radio station over the next 2 years. My wanders in Monrovia.

Photos: Left – Assessment team trying to get to hand pump
Right – Solar lanterns

South Sudan before the separation

The struggle to build Radio stations in the disputed areas where you had to take a complete set of parts as you could not buy material in the 4 towns we were building stations in. This was probably the most difficult task I have undertaken. The Sudanese Government were anti our radio stations and made it difficult to carry out the operation including threatening us with life imprisonment. My wanders in South Sudan.

Photos: Left- On air studio in Leer
Right – Kevin and remote transmitter

Helping the Judiciary stop Murder and Rape being used as a weapon of war

Rural Police Stations have found it virtually impossible to get victim and witness statements to the Prosecutors Office. So they needed a method of getting the documents which have been signed and sealed electronically. The system used mobile phones and the pilot has been very successful. Goma the North Kivu Capital is very tense waiting for the next attack from the rebels. My wanders in Goma.

Left – Solar Power Store in Goma DRC
Right – Street boys in Goma DRC waiting to clean a vehicle.

World’s first mobile phone Election information system

I designed and built an information system which utilised mobile phones to provide unbiased election news for the electorate in up to 6 languages. First piloted in Afghanistan and the following year in Nigeria. My wanders in Kabul and Lagos

Left – Lunch in Afghanistan
Right – The control centre in Lagos

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