Brian Teall

Location: Coventry
About me...

I am a retired Dentist who used Homeopathy in his practice, and I am still the secretary of the British Homeopathic Dental Association.

I really enjoy my talks, because I only talk about things that really fascinate me, and I do think it comes over when I talk.

About my talks...

All the photographs are my own and I supply my own equipment for the illustrated talks.


My fee is £50 for a Stand Alone talk and £60 for a video presentation plus travelling expenses at 50p per mile from my home in Coventry.

My Contact Details:

01675 481535

Ethiopia's Incredible Underground Churches

180 wonderful pictures including the amazing steele, and the eleven ‘underground’ rock churches

The ‘underground’ rock churches (pictured) are actually carved from the solid rock, and are amazing. They have not deteriorated, because the solid rock mountain still surrounds them.

A Visit to Peru in Search of the Incas

The visit to Peru was really a search for the civilisation of the Incas, Machu Picchu – but eventually found the lost world of Atlantis. This colourful video presentation talk is packed with photographs of stunning scenery and beautiful Inca ruins that leave the audiance wanting more.


This talk takes us round most of the ancient sites in the beautiful city of Rome. There are a vast number of such sites, many of them not nearly as well known but equally as intriguing, stirring and thought provoking as the coliseum pictured here. Illustrated with many stunningly beautiful photographs catching the magic that is ancient Rome.
This talks includes the abandoned city of Ostia

A Very Different Kind of Christmas

Tiring of traditional Christmases with tinsel and so many presents that our children’s rooms looked like toy shops, we decided the have everything home made for Christmas

The Restoration of Middleton Hall

This is a Manor House near Tamworth, which had fallen into total dereliction and has been totally and beautifully restored by volunteers over 33 years. It is now open to the public.

The Restoration of the Old Market Hall Coleshill

How, with the help of only amateur, volunteer labour, we restored this rather dilapidated building for the use of Coleshill Civic Society as their HQ

The Demolition and Rebuilding of a Timber Framed Barn (Pegs Barn)

Pegs Barn is a 17th century framed Warwickshire Long House that we moved from the colliery in Over Whitacre to Nether Whitacre four miles away for the Scouts.

Talks by Brian Teall - the following talks are 'Stand Alone'

The Basics of Homeopathy

As a practicing homeopath, I will give details of the latest research on exactly how homeopathy works when chemically there appears to be nothing there! I will explain what it can do and what it cannot do and give you lots of tips for home remedies which everyone should have in their home for emergency use.

Photo: Samuel Hahnemann – the founder of Homoeopathy

The Enigma Code Machine and Bletchley Park

Enigma is a talk about codes, both making and breaking them. It specialises in the amazing German code machine, Enigma and the work at Bletchley Park which shortened the war by many years

Megalithic Moments

What were they for, these megalithic monuments and why were they built? Another look at our distant ancestors who were amazingly intelligent

Hitler's V3 and Barnes Wallace's Amazing Inventions

Hitler’s V3 is almost unheard of and would have been horrendous had it not been for Barnes Wallace’s amazing bomb. No, not the bouncing one, but Tall Boy and his successors

The Origins of Christianity

A retrospective look at the history of Christianity and church doctrine, highlighting where the doctrine has strayed from the true path and intentions of Christ

William Strata Smith - One of the First Men to Challenge the Church on the Age of the Earth

William Strata Smith was one of the first men to realise that the earth had been laid down in layers over vast numbers of years. Here he came into conflict with the Church whose claim was that it was only about 6,000 years old

Brian Teall Contact Details:

01675 481535

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