Bryan Reynolds

Location: Rochdale, Lancashire
About me...

I describe myself as “The Truck driving Life Coach”, quite simply as I fell in love with the subject of Positive Phycology a number of years ago and spend a portion of my working life as a truck driver travelling up and down the UK. Born and bred in Manchester. Love football, family and generally keeping active. At the time of writing this I am 62 years young and in addition work as a Professional Actor. Have a look out for me in the feature films Charlotte and Unit 19, both set for release in 2022.

About my talks...

The talk includes power point presentation, lap top / projector ( which i can bring along ) and is used to show film clips and listen to some music ( who knows maybe we can do a little dancing…)

Talk duration: is around 60 minutes and am more than happy to answer any questions at the end


Prices starting from £95 plus travel expenses if over 20 miles from Manchester
Please contact me to request a price for your event

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Why do some people lead happy fulfilling lives? Does it happen by chance? Or is there more to this than meets the eye?
There are laws and principles that govern all human behaviour…fancy becoming a detective?..Lets look for clues!


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