Damien O’Dell

Location: Royston, Hertfordshire
About me...

I am a published author, historian and a public speaker, with many years’ experience.  I first discovered my gift whilst promoting my first book, ‘Ghostly Bedfordshire’.  It was soon clear that I was connecting with my audience and even making them laugh in places.  I have a great enthusiasm for a wide variety of subjects and try to inject humour wherever possible, even in the most serious of topics.  My favourite part of any talk is question time because I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and sharing their stories.

About my Talks...

I’m comfortable with stand alone speaking, having started out that way, but Power point presentations are usually part of my package.  I have my own laptop and a projector.

My presentations normally last for 60 minutes – however, I am able to lengthen them if required, or, when there is a constraint of time, I can shorten a talk to 45 minutes.


My speaking fee is £100 plus 40 pence per mile travel expenses. If the venue is within a 10 mile radius of my home in Royston, Herts, then travel is free.

My Contact Details:

07718 235745

Adventures of a Ghost Hunter

Personal experiences of ghosts and haunted houses, spanning over 40 years of paranormal investigation.  I lead my own group, APIS (Anglia Paranormal Investigation Society). Included is a section ‘Local Haunts’, which varies depending on where I’m giving the talk.

Born in the 1950s

A trip down memory lane for the audience, complete with my personal observations.  Headlines from an actual copy of a newspaper published in 1950 and a 20 questions quiz about the 50s, will challenge the audience’s memory.

This talk goes down very well as a Stand Alone After Dinner presentation, though I am happy to present it with Powerpoint illustrations.

The Battle of Britain – the True Story.

Like Waterloo, it was a ‘close run thing’ which could, so easily, have gone wrong for Britain.  I separate the myths from the facts – mistakes were made on both sides.  Some facts may surprise the audience and overturn what they thought they knew about this stirring chapter in our history.

Wonderful Wimpole Hall House & Gardens

One of the National Trust’s key attractions, this Cambridgeshire landmark has a unique story to tell.  Having worked as a volunteer in the gardens, I thought it only right to tell the story of the evolving landscape which surrounds the property, as well as the story of the mansion itself.


Born to Inspire - Queen Elizabeth I; Octavia Hill; Odette Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

This is a brief look into the lives of four British women, Queen Elizabeth I, Octavia Hill, Odette Churchill and Margaret Thatcher – all from different eras but each one outstanding in her time.  Their influence may, indeed, be felt to the present day.  They represent, amongst other things, the epitomes of leadership, social reform and courage.  They inspired me as I’m certain they will inspire you!

Photo: Odette Churchill

Chicksands Priory - England's Most Haunted House!

Is this England’s most haunted house?  I believe so, after conducting my paranormal investigation at Chicksands during Christmas 2005.  Having been a volunteer tour guide in this unique Priory for many years, I’m able to lead you through the monastic, private family and military ownerships of the past 1,000 years.

Damien O’Dell Contact Details:

07718 235745

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