David Bayliss

Location: Dudley
About The Speaker...

After over 30 years of experience within Financial Advice, Protection and Wealth Planning, I have now chosen to specialise within the Later Life sector, providing specialist advice to private clients, their families and business owners. Based in Worcestershire, I can offer a wealth of experience and peace of mind for clients wanting to protect their assets and inheritance for future generations. Specifically providing information and education on Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, Probate, Inheritance Tax, Care Costs Protection and Equity Release)

About Their Talks...

The advice I provide stems from the concept of protecting assets such as family homes, investments, savings, businesses, and cash. All these can be at risk from the likes of long-term care fees, divorce, remarriage after death, creditor claims, bankruptcy, and inheritance tax. This is why our compnay offer this free talk that holds valuble information.


We belive that this information should be accescible to every individudal and that is why we offer this talk free of charge however I will not say no to tea and biscuits.

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Legacy Fortress For Generations

Our experts will deliver into the intricate world of estateplanning, shedding light on topics such as Inheritance TaxPlanning, Long-Term Care considerations, and thesignificance of having a comprehensive plan in place.Additionally, our expert speaker will cover the importance of having both a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney(LPA), and understanding the dynamics and potentialimplications of sideways inheritance, to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of assets among family members.

Navigating The Care Conundrum

In the context of estate planning, in this session, our experts will be discussing elements relating to care fess, threshold and when are we expected to pay for our own care. What effect will it leave on your assets and loved ones inheritance.
The power of Lasting Powers of Attorney and how these documents can not only protect but minimise risks of  financial and physical abuse in an unclean care system.

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