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Location: St. Neots, Cambridgeshire
About The Speaker...

David Duker has held a life-long passion for the generation of people who overcame the huge challenge of the Second World War. From a young age he has been captivated by the many stories of human endeavour, with his particular fascination being on the subject of the Battle of Britain.

In 2010, this passion led him to form a close association with the wonderful Kent Battle of Britain museum, and also inspired him to meet, and talk to as many of his heroes as possible. He was fortunate to have forged a close friendship with Flight Lieutenant Bill Green who served with 501 Squadron during the Battle of Britain and considers him to have been one of the most impactful mentors of his life.

Today, David works tirelessly to promote the legacy of this remarkable generation and founded the Tally Ho Project CIC- a social enterprise dedicated to sharing the many life-changing lessons that can be found in the past. His aim is to empower people from all backgrounds to rise to their own challenges and to believe in a life of possibility. To support this work, he published his first book ‘Rise to the Challenge’ in 2021, with his next title ‘One of Our Own’ due for release in July 2023.

David is a public speaker, historian, author and life coach who has now worked with over 12,000 people.  To find out more about his mission please see:



About Their Talks...

 I have been in the privileged position to have spent hundreds of hours interviewing and speaking with remarkable personalities who overcame the huge challenge of the second world war. During the talk it is my pleasure to share some of the many insights gained and to immerse you in some incredible stories from the past.

One of my real passions in life is story telling. Time disappears as I take you back to a period of history when the greatest challenge that we have ever faced descended on earth. Only ever promoting humanity and never war, I am fascinated by the values that allowed this generation to rise and overcome the seemingly impossible. These being duty, unity, courage, resilience and positive action.

Each talk lasts between 45 mins- 1 hour with plenty of time for a Q & A. My presentation shares many unseen images from the era and brings to life one of the most unique times in our history.


My fee for these talks is £100

I will not charge any travel expenses for talks delivered within 20 miles of St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.

I am more than happy to travel further afield but will charge 0.50p per mile there after.

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'One of Our Own'

The Remarkable story of Battle of Britain pilot Squadron Leader Victor Ekins MBE DFC

This is the enthralling story of a young man who found himself at the epicentre of one of the biggest turning points in recent history- The Battle of Britain. Guided by the diaries that he meticulously kept throughout his wartime experience and that lay unread for over 80 years, Victor Howard Ekins’ story is one of duty, loss, friendship and love. He would meet his wife Kim, a ‘plotter’ serving at RAF Kenley, during the intensity of the Battle of Britain and their relationship would go on to flourish against all odds. He also rose through the ranks to become a Squadron Leader who was admired and respected by those who served with him.

As an inexperienced Sergeant pilot, Victor was posted to 111 Squadron three weeks into the Battle of Britain. The baptism of fire that he went on to experience would stay with him for a lifetime as his squadron was decimated after relentlessly pursuing the tactic of the head on attack. He was caught on the ground during the bombing of RAF Croydon on 15 August 1940, and would fight in the skies above RAF Kenley during ‘The Hardest Day’. He would also be one of the airmen tasked with defending London against the first of the huge daylight bombing raids that took place on 7 September 1940.

After 111 Squadron was withdrawn from the front line due to its extreme losses, Victor was posted to 501 Squadron. On 27 September 1940, he was shot down and seriously injured as a bullet passed through his stomach and smashed into the controls of his Hurricane. Miraculously, he would go on to land by parachute in a Canadian field hospital, the staff of which were able to save his life and would return to the action within just 8 weeks.

Victor became part of the brotherhood of 501 Squadron and served on the front line for a gruelling twenty-one months before eventually being given a rest. A promotion to Squadron Leader followed where he was given command of 19 Squadron and placed at the heart of offensive operations over occupied Europe. After a year of intense action, Victor would form an unforgettable bond with his ‘boys’ who would forever hold a special place in his heart.

‘One of Our Own’ is a unique insight into the mind and experiences of one of Churchill’s ‘Few’, a natural leader and a good man.

'A Higher Call'

The story of Franz Stigler, a young German fighter ace and Charlie Brown, the pilot of an American bomber ‘Ye Olde Pub’.

This is quite simply the most incredible story that I have ever heard during a lifetime of interest and research. It is a tale where humanity prevails even under the dark clouds of war.

The American bomber crew of B-17 ‘Ye Olde Pub’ took off for their first ever mission on 20th December 1943, flying from RAF Kimbolton. What would take place in the skies above Europe would stay with them forever. Would their badly damaged aircraft make it back to base? Would a German fighter pilot become an unlikely hero?

'Rise to the Challenge'

How these remarkable stories from the past can inspire us to take the next positive step in our own lives.

During this talk, I will share how these five remarkable mentors from the past changed my life forever. Whilst going through my own personal ‘darkest hour’ it was these examples that inspired me to rise and change my mindset from feeling like an ’empty shell’ to a ‘blank canvas’ of possibility.

I will share the stories of Leonard Cheshire, Bessie Coleman, Douglas Bader, Basil Embry and Sophie Scholl and explore how they inspired me to celebrate my own strengths, take positive action,  question my influences and to never give up!

Their stories promote everything that is good about humanity and will set an example to us all that can change our lives forever.

Testimonials & Reviews

“I can thoroughly recommend David as a speaker. The residents at our retirement village thoroughly enjoyed the talk given about Victor Ekins. David told his story with such passion, detailed research and rich visuals that the residents were engrossed from start to finish. The talk also sparked off the residents sharing their own experiences both as a child and of family members during the war. After the talk I was approached by many audience members asking me to rebook David – when this happens I always know that we have found a great speaker!”

Emma  –  April 2023

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