David Nurse

Location: Stafford, Staffordshire
About me...

I live in Stafford in the county of Staffordshire and have been a Management Trainer for a number of years.I have been giving talks about my involvement in Motor Sport during 1957-1966 and my talks are mainly based, but not entirely on my own experiences.

About my talks...

The talks last about 50 minutes and are very interactive as I like to encourage the audience to participate as much as possible. I use my own Projector, Speakers and Lap Top, but do look for a Screen to be supplied. I bring along various additional Photos and my old Rally Competition Nos and I encourage questions at the end of the presentation.


I charge £80.00 within a 20 mile radius of Stafford in Staffordshire.

If the venue is further afield, I look for travelling expenses at 40p per mile outside of a 20 mile radius of Stafford  in Staffordshire


My Contact Details:

07962 531781

Speed Hill Climbing

Speed Hill Climbing is based on Competitors Racing against the clock up a steep tarmac road.
The variety of cars and motor cycles that can be seen in this country from modified family cars up to Ex-Formula One Racing cars.
All Cars and Motor Cycles race up the hill singularly.
This form of Motor Sport is very much an amateur sport and still today attracts entries of as many as 120 for an event.
Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb, for example, is the oldest continuous motor sport venue in the world
My involvement covers the period 1958-1960 when I competed at various events across the country
My talk covers all aspects from the Drivers point of view, the various types of Hills, and the camaraderie between the Drivers and Mechanics
The Sport attracts a strong following in the summer throughout the UK and anybody that has an interest in Cars, Motor Cycles should try and go to see one of these events run from April- Sept each year.
My Talk lasts approx 45 minutes and afterwards I take questions which can and mostly does go on for a while.

Illustration: David Nurse in the racing car at Prescott speed hill climb – Sept 1959



Car Rallying 1957- 1964

During this period there was a growth in the UK for Car Clubs to Run Rallies.
The Motor Manufacturers released that both National and International Rallies could well assist them in selling their cars.
Most weekends during the winter,  Car Clubs would run Rallies a lot of them being in Wales.
To participate in National and International Rallies you had to have gained experience and results in club Rallying first before being able to apply for an entry in a National Rally
In the later years most Rallies of a National or International Status moved into the Forests, thanks to the support of the Forestry Commission in this country
My experience starts from very humble beginnings and goes right up to my experience on the International Rally scene
The Talk lasts approx 50  minutes and afterwards I take questions which can and mostly do go on for a while.

Illustration: 29 the Renault Dauphine is on the RAC International Rally Brands Hatch – March 1958

Car Trials 1957- 1962

This type of Motor Sport has been around since nearly the beginning of Car production in the UK and many of the Trials Hills used today were used as long ago as 1934.
Today this form of Motor Sport is divided into two major categories
One being Classical Trials and the other Sporting Trials, however there are variation on these as well, my talks cover all sectors.
Sporting Trials are cars built specifically for this purpose with a great deal of power and traction.
Classical Car Trials are not just for Classical cars even though there are many of those being used, but are run using the roads as well as many of the old Hills that can be found in Derbyshire and most of the South West.
Today the entry list for these events is as large as they were back in the 1930’s
My talk on this subject covers my involvement in the Production of some of these cars, as well driving in all these events
The talk will last up to 60 mins and afterwards I take questions.

Illustration: Trials Car I built with David at the wheel – 1960

David Nurse Contact Details:

07962 531781

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