David Rushforth

Location: Hartlebury, Worcestershire
About me...

During my exciting life which includes living in several countries worldwide, I served in the Royal Navy for 13 years. A period of which included serving in HMY Britannia from January 1976 to June 1979. Since leaving the Royal Navy in 1980 I have been an active member of the Association of Royal Yachtsmen. Serving as Social Secretary for 14 years and now the Hon Secretary. This entire Britannia experience has been fascinating and well worthy of sharing with others.  Other than several TV interviews I was also the adviser to Netflix for the series of the Crown involving the Royal Yacht.
I have experience of presenting to all types of audiences.

About my talk...

I use a laptop for computer-based presentations via screen projector or via large LCD displays if one is available. Computer, projector and screen are part of my own equipment. My presentations are normally about one hour long but can be extended (at no extra cost) when requested to do so.


My fee is £90 with travel expenses at 45p outside a ten mile radius of my home in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. Hotel accommodation will be required if the venue warrants a stop-over. For clubs with a small number of members within a radius of 30 miles from Hartlebury, I am prepared to lower my fee, please contact me so that we can come to an amicable arrangement.

My Contact Details:

01299 251594


Life in the Royal Yacht Britannia - Through the Eyes of a Crew Member

Includes the evolution, development, operation and subsequent demise of The Royal Yacht Britannia. How the decisions were influenced to replace the ageing V & A. The effects it had on the Royal Family both at the time and subsequently when in service. A pictorial walk round the Yacht with appropriate anecdotes.

I have always received extremely good feedback and are very confident that your group with find this talk  informative, interesting and entertaining.

Freemasons in POW Camps - from Napoleonic Wars to WWII

This presentation takes a look at the three significant periods of war, Napoleonic, First WW and Second WW (Europe). Giving examples of how life was like in those environments and some very interesting facts of incidents that happened. Appeals to both Masons and none Masons, male or female audiences.


Note from Dianne:  David won the  Worcestershire Provincial Masonic Lecture award in 2019 with this presentation.

Lady Emma Hamilton - The Twinkle in Nelson's Eye

The story of a remarkable lady from a questionable background who defied 19th century society to climb to the top of the social ladder and sparkle, brilliant and beautiful in high places.  Her  love affair with Lord Nelson helped, of course…. though it didn’t do Nelson a lot of good and it upset the Duke of Wellington no end!

This presentation entertains and informs in a lively, light hearted way  and afterwards, you will see Lord Nelson in a different light.


John F Kennedy - What You Probably Did't Know.

The story of John F Kennedy as never told before. Facts, events, gossip and scandal laid bare through the results of a deep and searching journalistic investigation.
The powerful Kennedy dynasty wrote their own moral code!  Not least of these code-writers was JFK the second born of  Joe and Rose Kennedy’s nine children. JKF was handsome, charismatic and deeply flawed – this is a thrilling and sometimes startling talk but you will find it  most revealing.

David Rushforth Contact Details:

01299 251594


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