Dennis East

Location: Northamptonshire
About The Speaker...

Having now written Poetry for over fifty years, I am highly delighted to finally be known as a Poet.
I am very proud say that all of my Poems Rhyme and the only tears ever involved are due to laughter.

Consequently, with enough Poetry gathered, I have managed to get three books published to date. All of which are full of amusing encounters, quirky thoughts, and reflections about life in general.

My favourite critique to date, was when some kind soul remarked, that my works were like the joyful product of “Pam Ayres on Guinness” – and I’ll take that any day.

About Their Talks...

The subject matters of my Rhyming Poems are basically designed to look at everything through light hearted and humorous eyes – whilst closely following my wonderful and joyous journey through life.

Here are some of the paragraph titles in my books and subsequent talks are from combinations of the following:

My Earliest Recollections – Those School Days – The Awakenings – My Firsts in Life – The Family Business – Playing Bed and Breakfast Hosts – Life in the Highlands – Days of Yore – Plus Many More up to date matters.

However, please feel free to request any topics – or random topics of interest that require a poem..


As I am delighted to travel around the four counties that surround our village – Northamptonshire / Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire plus further afield if requested, so I guess that I need to charge in the £51 – £149 to cover the range.

My Contact Details:

01295 236544

Fun Poetry that looks at life

Public Speaker Dennis East from Northamptonshire gives his talk Fun Poetry that looks at life

An amusing semi autobiographical drift through life, visiting various aspects of “The Firsts in Life”- The Family Haulage Business – The Middle Ages – Moving to the Scottish Highlands – Playing B&B to the World – On moving back to England.

Selections and Talk combinations come from a large number of Poems stretching from School days to modern topics of today.

Dennis East Contact Details:

01295 236544

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