Frankie Lassut

Location: Coventry, West Midlands
About The Speaker...

I was into amateur operatics in Millom and performed in many well known productions and played classical guitar. Found work in Coventry with many different titles and had a music shop to teach Classical Guitar. Worked with many outstanding classical guitarist and performed solo in a number of venues. I recently performed at the ‘Biggest Liar’ Competition run by Jennings’s Brewery at the Santon Bridge Inn Cumbria, (that is not a lie!).

About my Talks...

My talks cover a range of areas and include Well Being for Mind Body Spirit interest, talks based on my books concerning many different subjects, self publishing, hospital experiences when recovering from a series of strokes and heart failure, the classical guitar period of my life and the Cannington International Guitar Summer School, photography, experiences from Blackpool Photographic College and current photographic imagery. I am a comedy writer and see the funny side of life; I like to interject comedy into my talks hence my email address: pentertainer1.

I can present talks as stand alone, with props and as Power Point or video presentation. I also have my own media equipment and a screen. My talks usually last 30-40 minutes with questions at the end. I can lengthen if required and can step in at short notice.


For an audience up to 25 people: £50.00. within ten miles of my home in Coventry, West Midlands. For an audience above 25 people: £75.00.

For venues further afield than ten miles from Coventry I charge modest travelling expenses which will be agreed with you at the time of the booking.

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The Beauty of Household Chores and the Law of Attraction

This talk is a standalone comedic style of talk based on my book around how we can find peace and happiness in the simple ‘chores’ we do around the house. The talk ventures into ‘SpiriTRIuality’ of the body and soul and attraction through vibration. There is also audience interaction and a workshop available too if required.

I cover within the talk aspects of Wellness and feeling good, Persistence in the right direction,
Tipping points, Self talk, Get out clauses, Excuses, ‘Give a fish or show how to fish.’

Roast Guitarists and Aliens

This talk is based around a summer school held in Cannington each summer I used to attend where renowned and amateur classical guitarist would meet to improve their playing under the eyes of the masters. You will learn about the secrets of the Master’s and the rivalry of the amateurs.

Millom's Golden Years

Based on my book about my home town including the characters that lived there from the 1980’s onwards and one man’s mission to prove God forgot to put the town on the map of England being on the West Lake District peninsula. Includes photographic presentation of the area.

Photography- Out and About and beyond.

A series of narrated photographic tours around Coventry City and Warwickshire of beauty and nature with a hint of comedy.

My Photography considers:
Before photography went ‘WRONG’:

Before automatic cameras when there was a focussing ring with bearings and focussing an image was an art form with an eye for the image. After automatic cameras, there were people who could focus on an image with a film container balanced on their head and people forgot what depth of field preview meant, even though the button was on the camera. Before mobile phone photography; people only went for it because they had heard the Devil liked it. How to improve mobile phone photography, not technique.

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