Freddy Naftel

Location: Whitefield, Greater Manchester
About me...

I have worked in education for over 30 years and as a public speaker/freelance educator for almost 8 years. I am passionate about my subject and have a personal family input which puts a unique spin on the topic.
I have a passion for music too and I have worked in music education for over 30 years and as an orchestral percussionist and composer, with several new works to my credit during the past few years. I have a wealth of knowledge about all periods of classical music.

About my Talks...

Talks last from 50-90 minutes depending on what is required. As I include a number of photographs to illustrate my Holocaust talk, I would require the use of a laptop/PC, projector and screen.
For the recorded music talks, I provide my own audio equipment and extension leads.


* I am offering a 15% discount on all talks until the end of 2021, so make some savings now! *

£60 within my local area of Bury and North Manchester.

For venues more than 10 miles from my home town, travel expenses will apply. As I am based close to the motorway, I am happy to travel up to 100-120 miles in any direction. Fees and expenses would increase according to distance travelled but this can be arranged through mutual discussion.

My Contact Details:

0161 280 3046

07305 241353

A History of Antisemitism from Medieval Times to the Present Day

This is a comprehensive look at how antisemitism has pervaded society from the earliest times onwards, with many conspiracy theories, myths and stereotypes persisting into present day society. The talk also includes my own personal family history, as I am the son and grandson of German refugees, the great-grandson of a Holocaust survivor and the great-nephew of 2 victims of Auschwitz. My presentation is enriched by a slideshow of appropriate photos and questions are invited from the audience at the end.

Classical and Film Music Presentations (Recorded Music)

I put together programmes of recorded music ranging from Great Film Music, Musical Landscapes, Light British Music or concentrate on the music of one or two contrasting/related composers. Musical excerpts are usually short and varied, interspersed with humorous anecdotes and little-known facts. The music selected is always striking, catchy and guaranteed to entertain. I occasionally talk about and play extracts from my own compositions and discuss the inspiration behind a particular work and the actual composing process.

Festive Delights (Recorded Music)

“Festive Delights” as well as Classical and Film Music at Christmas. This talk is similar to the Classical and Film Music Presentations though for the Festive season, my  music will have a Christmas theme.

Judaism, The Legacy of The Holocaust and Antisemitism - A Personal Story

I relate my own personal family story, how my Mother and Grandparents fled Nazi Germany as refugees from persecution, that my Great-Grandmother survived the camps and how my Great Aunt and Uncle both perished in Auschwitz. I myself have been the victim of prejudice both at school and while working professionally and I talk about how I dealt with this matter and how my views were shaped by these experiences. Contemporary issues of anti-semitism, ignorance and intolerance, challenging myths and stereotypes are also discussed.

A Musical World Tour

From the comforts of home,enjoy a musical journey around the world, featuring nationalistic music from various countries. You will hear old favourites along with undiscovered gems of descriptive music. An uplifting and ultimately thrilling selection of music.


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Freddy Naftel Contact Details:

0161 280 3046

07305 241353

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