Gary Newport

Location: Bexhill, East Sussex
About The Speaker...

Born with a curious nature, I have studied and taught astrophysics, mathematics and computer science to a wide range of audiences; from groups of young children through to the local Women’s Institute, from the astronomy groups to local history clubs and beyond.

I believe in education for all and ensure that my talks are always engaging, challenging and fun.

As a PhD student, a member of the Institute of Physics and the Royal Astronomical Society, as a computer science teacher and a mathematician, I have the breadth and depth of understanding that will make any talk an exciting occasion for all.

About Their Talks...

I offer a range of talks, many focusing on astrophysics and the cosmos around us. One of the most popular is A Stellar Evolution Journey, where we explore how stars are born, how the die and what this all means for the universe in which we live. We can also explore the journeys of the Voyager space craft as they travel through our solar system and beyond.
Or maybe you would like to discover the areas of physics that we still do not fully understand? Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Quantum particles? All will be explained and discussed; revealing what we know and, more importantly, what we do not know.


I charge £80 for each talk, with each talk scheduled for between 45 to 60 minutes – adapted to your programming needs. I conclude all talks with a Q&A session and am happy to remain afterwards for any personal questions or thoughts.

I am based in Bexhill and charge £0.45 for each mile to any destination that is not within the immediate vicinity – and any long distance trips (100 miles or more) would need to include consideration of over-night accommodation.

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A Stellar Evolution Journey

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