Geoff Harris

Location: Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
About Geoff Harris - Toastmaster and Public Speaker..

I started my working life as a teacher and taught in a variety of secondary schools all over the UK for ten tears before giving it all up and becoming a clown. Really, that is what I did. The clowning led onto other performance areas and I have been seen on a variety of stages and screens ever since.
Ten plus years ago I started to train as a Toastmaster and I am now a Fellow of the National Association of Toastmasters, working in some of the grandest hotels and houses in the country.
You will see that my enthusiasm for this work and a love of history is reflected in my talks which are vivid, amusing and engaging.

About my talks...

My talks last for 45 minutes and I can present them as ‘stand alone’ or as Powerpoint presentations


Fees vary between £50 – £150. It depends upon who the group is, the numbers to whom I might be speaking and travel distance.

My Contact Details:

01664 434 565

A Toastmaster's Tale

A light and amusing retelling of some of my experiences working as a Toastmaster at a wide variety of venues all over the UK

Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk

A look at some of the rather strange and quirky folklore of the UK, much of it based around the midlands. The stories include such delights as “The Blacksmith of Bolsover” and “The Devil’s Bargain”. We will also find out where you are allowed to shoot welshmen with a bow and arrow after dark and what part of the UK is still at war with Germany.

The London no-one tells you about

…… is just that, the London no-one tells you about. The Necropolis railway, the lost rivers and why the Americans don’t own their embassy are just a few of the not so well known details brought to life.

Hangings, Beheadings and Stretching

We just can’t help it can we? There is a morbid fascination in just about all of us for the more gruesome aspects of the past. This talk looks at some of the more …. imaginative… ways that history tells us we did away with each other in years gone by.

Geoff Harris Contact Details:

01664 434 565

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