Gloria Camino

Location: Wantage, Oxfordshire
About The Speaker...

Gloria Camino was born in Cusco, Peru. She graduated from the University of Cusco with a BA and a Diploma in Architecture in 1988, and subsequently received an MA in Theory and History of Architecture from Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI) in Lima in 1990. She has taken complementary courses and attended seminars on Photogrammetry, Urban Planning for the City of Cusco, Heritage Conservation and Strategies for the Urban Rehabilitation of the City of Cusco (PNUD-UNESCO).

Ms. Camino worked at the “Instituto Nacional de Cultura” (INC) in Cusco, an institution similar to the National Trust and English Heritage in the UK. Her work on restoration has included archaeological sites such as Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu and Chincheros, as well as historic colonial buildings such as the Monastery of St Bernardo in Cusco.

In 1990, after completing her Masters, Ms. Camino arrived in the United Kingdom to pursue a PhD (didn’t complete it due to personal circumstances). A year later, as part of her introduction to architectural practice in the UK, she started working for The Conservation Practice on the restoration of Uppark, a Georgian National Trust property heavily damaged by fire in 1989.

Ms. Camino has been invited to speak at numerous professional institutions, associations, clubs and societies, including the Royal Academy of Arts, the University of Portsmouth, the University of Bristol, the University of Cardiff, the National Trust, the Women’s Institute in Mortimer, the former Centre for International Briefing at Farnham Castle, the Portsmouth Society, the Bray Society; the British Dental Association; several Rotary Clubs including: Windsor St. George, Fareham, Marlow, Henley, Beaconsfield, Maidenhead, etc.

Her studies include a number of published articles, such as: “Una lectura Semiotica de la Huaca de los reyes” in Contextos – UNI-Peru (1990); “La Grande Arche” at La Défense, Paris, in Architectural Design (1992); “Introduction to Peruvian Architecture” in Miguel Angel Roca’s book Latin American Architecture – Academy Editions (1993).

About Their Talks...

Gloria Camino specialises in lecturing on Machu Picchu, the great Citadel of the Incas. Her lectures cover fascinating aspects of her research, including its origin, urban planning and design, its connection with astronomy and Inca religion systems, hypothesis as to its purpose after its discovery. The lectures are illustrated with outstanding pictures and graphics presented in PowerPoint.

Fees depend on location, event and duration. From £80 to £200 plus travel expenses


£200.00 plus travel expenses. Fees may vary depending on location and length.

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07710 308292

Machu Picchu - Beauty and Mystery

Public Speaker in Oxfordshire Gloria Camino talks about Machu Picchu - Beauty and Mystery

Embark on a captivating exploration of the Inca civilization, delving into the geographical and historical backdrop that gave rise to their remarkable achievement—the mysterious Citadel of Machu Picchu. Discover its profound meaning, its harmonious relationship with the surrounding mountains, its ingenious adaptation to the environment, and the purpose behind its thoughtfully chosen location. The talk covers the explorations and visits to this site before and during its discovery in 1911. Machu Picchu was never found by the Spaniards so it remained as the most complete and best preserved Inca settlement in the world. Was Machu Picchu an Inca Royal state? Or was it a kind of university, a place where the wisest people in the Inca empire gathered and shared their knowledge and practised and developed techniques in astronomy observation, engineering, agriculture, etc.? This talk is an exciting insight into this extraordinary setting from an academic perspective and based on extensive research and documentation

Gloria Camino Contact Details:

07710 308292

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