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Location: Ringwood, Hampshire
About us...


Why not try a new approach? We offer BOGOF.  Yes, buy one get one free!  We’re no more expensive than a single speaker, but you get two of us for the same reasonable price.   Most of our presentations are in the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch areas, but if you’re anywhere from Wareham to Salisbury, across the New Forest to Lyndhurst, give us a call.  If you need someone at comparatively short notice, we’ll do our best to help out.
Jacqueline is a retired English Teacher who was Head of Drama at a local school, whilst Brian enjoyed many years in Amateur Dramatics, with a career including property management and small theatre management before retirement.
We try to keep the audience awake (snoring is so off-putting), so as well as two different voices, we pop in quirky facts and a bit of humour.  For example, did you know who the worst executioner was in the 1600’s, or how Augustus John’s supper was very different from yours, why Dylan Thomas took the wrong route after his death or how the Duke of Monmouth could have saved himself 6 guineas?  Why do we bring an auctioneer’s gavel to one of our presentations?  (Sorry, you’ll have to book us to find out).

About our Talks...

We give thoroughly researched PowerPoint presentations, (scroll down to see details of each talk) usually about an hour long although we can stop for a break if you wish. We have our own screen, projector, PC, and even a small table on which to mount the projector if needed.


Our fee is £60 within the areas mentioned above.  You provide the venue, a power socket, a couple of chairs and an audience and leave the rest to us.

PLEASE NOTE:  For 2023 dates the fee will be £70 for any bookings made after 30 June 2022

My Contact Details:

01425 470630

Brian 07759 796342

The Duke of Monmouth – how his head was turned and lost

James, Duke of Monmouth, was ridiculously handsome, the darling of the Restoration court, heroic soldier and a favourite with the ladies.  He had everything, where did he go wrong?  Our talk outlines Monmouth’s spectacular decline, the Battle of Sedgemoor and Monmouth’s brutal execution.  We also discuss the terrible retribution taken by King James II and his infamous judge, George Jeffreys, including the unjust way Alice Lisle from Ringwood was treated at their hands.



It started with a kiss…………..the life and times of Dylan Thomas

It really, really, really did start with a kiss!  Come along and find out!  Dylan Thomas was both a famous and infamous Welshman.  As a poet/writer he had published 90 poems and will always be remembered for his ground breaking work ‘Under Milk Wood’.  However, his life became one long drink at the bar encouraged by his exhibitionist wife, Caitlin, and his friend and fellow drinking companion, Augustus John.  Dylan died aged 39 in 1953 leaving behind him a dysfunctional family, a pile of debts and lyrical writing that has become part of our heritage.



The controversial private life of the world famous author, his social campaigning, the stories, the books, the characters, the readings, the humour and wisdom.   

Book now for this meticulously researched 1 hour PowerPoint presentation.

Jacqueline and Brian Sutton – TWOgether Talks Contact Details:

01425 470630

Brian 07759 796342

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